Tuesday, July 03, 2007

If laughter is the best medicine . . .

If laughter is the best medicine, might I recommend the med blogs. I stumbled across this category of blogs by accident and have formed an instant addiction. What pulled me in is not the medical issues (some of which are thoughtfully addressed) or the human stories (some of which are poignant and sensitive) but that aside, what drew me in is the laughs. One of my personal favorites is a lawyer who has a blog titled: Addicted to Medblogs and in addition to her witty posts, she has a great list of med blogs she reads. A subject which came up in the comments on her blog has me off on a whole new track of possibilities. There was a discussion about how some of the medblogs by doctors are suspect and possibly not doctors at all. I've heard on a health board I participate on that sometimes there are people who pretend to have diseases that aren't patients at all. It hit me that the obvious solution is for the pretend doctors to give medical advise to the pretend patients and for good measure a pretend lawyer could vociferously defend the doctor if someone suggests that his advise is risky. Only in the world of blog.I don't mean to make light of a potentially sad situation. I have made friends through the MPIP who I have in some cases met. There are bashes where people get together for fun and also have memorials for those no longer with us. Although I've never attended one of the large bashes I have met a few melanoma survivors in person who participate on the MPIP. With a group like that, it is sad when people have to be cautious and remember that everyone isn't always what they seem on the internet. Then again, everyone is not always who they appear to be in any group; it's merely magnified when you have a large group where in most cases you never meet the people in person. I prefer to take everyone at face value and take reasonable precautions. I think this post is a good example of why I'll mostly be an audience versus a participant in witty exchanges. I just can't stop from putting a serious spin on the most absurd topic. I start with my inspired idea for pairing the poseurs and then have to mess it up by getting all serious.

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