Friday, April 05, 2013

Photohunters: Quirky Peace and Tranquility

When looking at the two photohunters themes: What is Peace and Tranquility to You? and Quirky, I immediately thought of the peace and tranquility I find in botanical gardens as well as the quirky art they sometimes have.
These shots were taken at the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, NC.
I used to always try to go there for peace and tranquility after my appointments at the UNC Cancer Center.
The botanical garden is across the road from the entrance into the UNC medical campus so it is very convenient.
I love this quirky seat shown above and below.


Susan Demeter said...

Love nature and quirky art too :) My fave is the old man tree :)

Happy weekend and photo hunting!

my Photo Hunt blog entry for this week

eastcoastlife said...

I fell in love with your Botanical Gardens. I find the quirky art amusing. Can visitors take a seat on the quirky chair?

Carver said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting. Yes, you can sit on the chair. I've even tried it.

LifeRamblings said...

great finds in the Botanical garden. i love the quirky seat too.

Anonymous said...

that's my kind of quirky. i can easily achieve a sense of peace and tranquility here.

YTSL said...

Wow, Carver, you had no trouble at all combining the two themes, did you? Well done! :)

Team Tabby said...

It's a beautiful botanical garden and lots of interesting 'finds' along the paths!

Jidhu Jose said...

nice art works

MaR said...

I love that quirky chair!! and the botanical garden. Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love the quirky art - perfect for this week's theme.

Have a super weekend.

Gattina said...

Beautiful and tranquil place ! the sculptures are amazing !

Annie said...

I love this collection. Some very cool sculptures there! Hope you have a happy weekend.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That is a great place to relax, with all kinds of quirky finds!
Happy Hunting~

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You always do the combo hunts beautifully, but I think this one tops them all. For me too, your Garden would be the perfect place to find peace and tranquility and great place to laugh (an important part of any recovery or health maintenance program.. or of life itself.)

I love visiting Botanical Gardens and wish I could visit yours....thanks always for sharing it.

buret said...

wonderfull pics