Friday, November 03, 2006

Red Stars on a Blue Sky

The tips of the trees look like stars to me. Little red stars sitting on top of a tree. I have a friend I used to walk with fairly regularly. We still occasionaly walk together and have a plan to call each other on the next foggy morning because we both love the fog and have had some pleasant foggy walks in the past. One of the things I like about this friend is she is also very responsive to what's going on around us when we walk. I can remember her stopping in awe at a burning bush when it was in full color. We both got hysterical walking around Shelly Lake one time when the path was flooded. We missed our chance to turn around and ended up slogging through water that was knee deep and the whole thing made us laugh at having one more adventure. The foggy walks started when she was a neighbor and we both had infants. We'd nurse the babies and put them back in their cribs and go for early morning walks before our husbands went to work. There were so many times we were walking in fog as thick as pea soup and it lent an air of mystery to everything ahead. We aren't neighbors anymore but we don't live too far from each other. My practical side can't ignore the fact that a plan to walk in the next dense fog means that one of us has to drive in it, at least for a short distance. I thought about that when we had warning about dense fog. It didn't work out that morning because we both saw the fog warnings fairly late at night but were afraid we might wake each other up, if we called to set a foggy walk date. I was amazed yesterday by how dramatic the differences in my surroundings were as I walked. I left my house with the red stars dancing on a blue sky and as I walked around the lake, one view was puff ball clouds on a silver lake and the next view was blue skies once again. I love the way the clouds look in the fall. They come in and out so fast and add an air of mystery and drama. Everything will be changing very fast now. It's quite cold this morning and tomorrow will be even colder. Of course it's all relative. Cold here in the fall is anything below freezing. I am procrastinating this morning. Can't seem to get moving although I should. Hopefully I'll get some energy soon. Even if I don't, I can take those baby steps, do those little tasks, go to the water class I'm taking. That's usually effective for me if I feel like I'm getting depressed. First do what I have to do (work), then do what I need to do (water class), then depending on work for the day, be sure to fill my time with something productive. Those small tasks like paying bills or washing the dishes can add up to a day not totally wasted. Not sure why the urge to climb into bed and curl up under my comforter is so strong this morning. I'm sure it just a fleeting moment in time. I haven't had that feeling of wanting to hibernate in a while so maybe I'm due.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that the colors you have shown me today will give the strength you need to get thru this day. If not, rest and know that tomorrow is another day and the things you didn't do today can be done tomorrow. I am alive and that is enough for me. Blessings to you this day. sue