Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fall's Ending New Beginnings

I had a pleasant thanksgiving with my daughter, one of my sisters, and Bill. My sister flew home this afternoon and my daughter goes back to school tomorrow. I am taking everything fairly easily lately. I see the medical oncologist next Thursday and hopefully that will be a positive step for me in terms of feeling reassured that whatever is going on with me is just stuff and not related to melanoma. Not long after I see the medical oncologist I have a follow up with the rheumatologist I started with in September and I'll see what his take on my stuff is. Stuff, what a nice all encompassing word. I love the end of a season because that means a new one is coming. In a way, the end of fall heralds all that new growth which is on the way. Bare trees show the limbs and bark in ways that aren't obvious when leaf covered and before I know it, the buds and new growth begin. Of course winter comes first but I like winter too. I hope that we have a decent touch of winter this year but I also know enough to be careful what I wish for. It's a gamble here. Some years we barely have winter at all and others it's unexpectedly intense. The grassy green slope with the lone man on a bycicle, against the blue sky reminds me that I wish the city hadn't had the grass mowed so early this fall. One of my favorite things at Shelly Lake is the tall grasses with autumn seedheads waving in the breeze but this year it was mowed regularly and I suspect my taxes in a small way paid for that. The problem is the birds hang out in the tall grasses and the seedheads provide food but recently the grass was quickly mowed into a carpet. Oh well, it does have an inviting feel. A grassy slope always reminds me of my great grandparents farm. I was quite young when they died but I still remember rolling down the grassy hill at their farm. Funny the memories that stick with me.

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Anonymous said...

Well, darn, there's that manicured lawn once again rearing it's ugly I do see what you mean about the birds feeding on the tall grasses me something to think about. Nope, not going to change the care of my lawn as there are plenty of places for the birds to feed here. lol I saw this moring how the ducks are now walking on the ice in the ponds..ewe, cold feet but they don't seem to mind. We spent much time feeding the little critters over the weekend. Duck food is cheap and bought at the local feed store. I love your thoughts and coments as always about nature and how it intwines itself into those comments. I hope you will find true peace about your health this Thursday after meeting with your medical onc. This sounds like such a good plan to me. As always, take care. sue