Sunday, November 05, 2006

Late fall roses

I always enjoy the late roses more than any other ones. It's amazing how some varieties will linger even after a few hard freezes. On the rare occasions when we get a November snow in my part of NC, I have been blown away by the roses in the snow. So beautiful. Ironically, I took some photographs that worked out well of my roses in the snow a number of years ago, but I changed it to black and white for some project or another and the only version I could find was the black and white one. I posted that in an early blog entry. These roses shots were taken yesterday afternoon and this morning. I woke up this morning and when I saw that it was 27 degrees farenheit, I put a coat on over my nightie and went out side to see if I could get a shot of my storeage building rose with a covering of frost. No such luck. It was frosty but the rose has enough protection that the main signs of the cold morning was that it was bowing down. The difference in the morning and afternoon light interested me. I've noticed that before. In the morning the storeage building is a totally different shade of green than it is in the afternoon. I did get a few frosty shots of the plants and the verbenum leaves look almost silver. I love verbenum. It is such a pretty groundcover and in the spring the flowers are almost like a colored blanket. I don't have as much verbenum as I used to and ironically what's doing the best is not in an area where it was originally planted. It spread out to where the stepping stones I put in the pathways are and the main place it's thriving is in the pathways. The treeline I can see in my back garden is such a tapestry and those tree are in my neighbors gardens. Funny how I've stopped calling the lots, yards. I got that from the wife (Viv) of a man who owned a publishing company I worked for in the early 1980s. When Bill and I bought the house I still live in, we had a housewarming party. I said something about my yard and Viv said, this isn't a yard, it's a garden. Viv was from England and the terminology was different because back then I had a lot more yard than garden. For that matter, we hadn't put in a garden at all so although we did have some nice trees and blueberry bushes, there was little else besides grass. Bit by bit I've eliminated almost all of the grass. It's funny how much I love tall grasses and meadows but don't care much for lawns. My problem with lawns is my favorite grasses are tall stands with interesting seed heads. A lawn gets mowed before it has a chance to form seed heads. I like plants that can cycle through all their natural times, all the seasons. Also, when they are allowed a natural cycle, they often support a host of wildlife.

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Anonymous said...

Photos are gorgeous as always..I'll never have a lot or garden such as yours..but, I do love a well manicured lawn..that must be from living in CA. lol I insist on it in NV as well..the funny thing is here we do have seasons and now tht the leaves and all their brillant color are gone, this is my least favorite time of just becomes so brown..once the snow falls it becomes beautiful again and then spring will be glorious. Dreamin' of the next season already. Why can't I just enjoy the moment.
Beautiful tress in your last post.