Thursday, November 02, 2006

Almost makes me giddy

The colors in my neck of the woods almost make me giddy. The mountains were quite beautiful this weekend but past the peak color. We're just hitting peak in the central part of the state and it's enough to make me drunk with the sheer audacitiy of it all. There is so much that I can't make sense of and I'm beyond trying. What I can do is try to enjoy what is available that doesn't require a lot of analysis. I made it to my second water class yesterday which was fun although tiring. I think I'll go for a walk today before I do anything else. Fortunately I'm in a slow spell with work which is nice since I was quite busy for the past few months. I ended up working most weekends for several months. It's nice to be able to work from home but the price I pay is that I feel obligated to work weekends when it gets busy to make up for the slower spells when I have the luxury of being home. It was especially nice to go out of town last weekend because I had been working a lot of extra hours until recently. My life is so easy in comparison to so many people's lives. I am in awe of the people on the MPIP who keep working while doing Interferon and other treatments. The mother's with young children who are fighting so hard. The teenagers and young chidren who are undergoing tough treatments. It's sobering. On to the day and the blast of color that will greet me as I head out the door.

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Anonymous said...

the colors leave me in awe of the beauty of God's handiwork..I am convinced it didn't just happen, we didn't just happen..there's is a God and we, if we choose, can live etermally..without that knowledge and belief how does one get through something so devastating as melanoma. Your look at the world is humbling and your thoughts on the many that are in this fight with you and me are the same thoughts that I've had..I cannot fathom being such young parents and dealing with treatments that are so threatening in and of heart goes out to them, everyone single one of them..and, maybe, just maybe God gives us glimpses of color to help us continue our much to think about and to take into my heart and brain. sue