Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nature Notes: The state of the Nature around my house

My oaks are finally beginning to change colors. They are always the last trees in my yard to change. At this point it almost looks like the red leaves are on fire or like someone tossed some paint on a few leaves.
naturenotes oakfirelookaut
The bittersweet berries are one of my favorite ornamental berries in the fall and they are finally popping out their red part.
naturenotes viburberryfinch
A lot of the Virginia Creeper died back from the late heat in September but some hung in there for the autumn show.
The grass plumes are starting to curl and get a wine colored tinge to them.
I like the mix with the leaves from one tree putting out some autumn colored stars above the green needles of the Pine tree.
naturenotes mixtrlvnove
The crepe myrtle is changing to orange and dropping its leaves. It's pink flowers would clash with its autumn leaves if they occurred at the same time.
The nandina berries are rust colored but soon will be red.
I love the way a single fall leaf looks lying on the ground in full color.
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Tammie Lee said...

I see autumn beauty and lots of it in your post!

Cezar and Léia said...

There still have beautiful green, but the orange and red Autumn is impressive.Adorable set of pictures!

Unknown said...

Lovely. I especially love the berries. They're so shiny and bright.

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Cloudia said...


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Leora said...

Oh, I like the red of the virginia creeper. And the lone yellow leaf is dainty. We had our first frost last night - the colors are already fading.

EG CameraGirl said...

Autumn is still beautiful in North Carolina right now. I have never heard of nandina berries before. I'm going to check them out - Google. :)

Caron said...

The grass plumes! I think you know their always my favorites!

MyMaracas said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful autumn. I love that last shot of the lone leaf. Beautiful textures there.

Rambling Woods said...

You know that I love a lone leaf.... Funny you posted about your oak as that is the only tree left with any leaves around here except for the willows.....Happy Nature Notes... Michelle