Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nature Notes: Delights of the season

This is the time of year when I delight in watching the leaves turned into sky dancers by the wind.
I'm sure I irritate my industrious neighbors who are busy blowing their leaves to the curb for pick up.
My leaves blow into their yards and I would feel sorry for them if their noisy leaf blowers weren't constantly interrupting the bird's songs much to my annoyance.
I do eventually rake after all the leaves have fallen, which will be soon, but I rake my leaves over my yard to use as mulch, shifting it from one spot to the next but eventually using all of them.
I love the way leaves look, even when they collect on my stairs.
The birds have been very active lately. I guess they are getting ready for winter.
It's also much easier to spot the birds in the trees which don't provide the cover of summer.
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Leora said...

I'm thinking, such a gray time of year, yet you find such delights! The falling leaves in black and white is a wonderful photo. I like the leaves on the brick steps, too. And you've caught the birds in action.

Rambling Woods said...

I really hate those leaf blowers. There was a war for about 2 weeks here. Piles and piles would be blown along the street and then the wind would pick them up and blow them back on the lawns only to be leaf blown again. It was like a competition. We rake and mulch mostly, but not totally because the maple leaves are so heavy and I don't have anyway of chopping them what to do for Nature Notes myself....Michelle

DeLi said...

poetic am sepcially lovin that leaves on steps..i can imagine myself taking lots of photos there

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely! I love autumn leaves and I can never understand why moer people don't appreciate their value as mulch

EG CameraGirl said...

Love all the leaves you you still have! :) I think autumn is a gorgeous time of year too. :)

Arija said...

Thank the Lord fasting I have no nearer neighbours than a couple of miles away and none at all with leaf blowers! I see them all too often in our little bitty town and unfortunately hear them all to well as well.

I just adore a carpet of leaves and leave mine lay until they turn to brown and like you, am glad to have them as an asset for the garden. In our climate mulching is imperative, in yours it protects the plants below from severe frost befoer the snows come.

Happy gardening and bird feeding/watching!

Cezar and Léia said...

I love your choice for this title, it's perfect!
I'm delighted here by so wonderful set of pictures!

Nicole said...

I'm in Love with that first shot and the shot of the Leafes on the stairs!
At first I thought there were bats flying in the first photo :D

I do not like those leaf blowers at all. :-(
It's so much easier to just rake them quickly and put them in a bag. And it doesn't go on everybody's nerves. Like we don't have enough noise already :/

Sara Chapman said...

I love that dancing leaves shot! And I agree, spotting the birds, or especially their nests, makes the bare branches much more appealing.