Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nature Notes: Weird seed pods and more

I thought I spotted a bunch of tennis balls in an unlikely place at the bottom of the Shelley Lake Dam from a distance.
A closer look made me realize they were strange seed pods which were actually a little larger than a tennis ball. Above is one fairly intact and below is the inside of one.
naturenotes splitosno12
Looking online, I'm pretty sure I identified the seed pod as belonging to an osage orange tree. My best guess is the tree below is the one that dropped the pods.
The two trees below were also in the vicinity but neither fit the pictures online, and although the tree above wasn't a perfect fit it was closer.
I spotted a lone seagull arriving at Shelley Lake. For some reason they leave in the spring and return in the winter. I have shots of seagulls on snow topped roofs and on frozen parts of the lake in winter but rarely see them around town in the summer.
The oak trees in front of my house are finally getting their fall colors which means we will soon head into winter as the oaks are the last to change here.
I am continuing to go on frequent photo walks at Shelley Lake. My daughter and I walked there while she was home for a visit this weekend.
It's a great time of the year for walking, especially since I handle chilly air a lot better than heat.
We're in layered clothes weather. I start off needing a jacket but peel down before I get around the lake.
I love the upside down colors of trees in the lake. Soon the evergreens will provide most of the color.
We have been having some absolutely gorgeous days with the vivid blue background for the fall foliage.
The woods are alight with color which always catches my eye. It's almost like sunshine with the golds and yellows.
There is almost every stage in terms of the trees at this point from bare to sparse to full of color.
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Leora said...

You are very perceptive, seeing those seed pods. And the seagull. I didn't know the oaks were the last to change. The reflections on the lake are lovely. You make me want to spend my day outside, instead of working!

Cezar and Léia said...

I'm so delighted by this set of picture, the nature is a blessing, isn't it?
That first shot is so impressive, amazing macro!The colour is different as well...what a shot! :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous place! We are having drizzle and warmish temps with no wind the last two days. It's been in the ow 50s.

My World

kenju said...

I had no idea that osage oranges grew around here! Live and learn.
Your photos are just gorgeous!

EG CameraGirl said...

The sky shots are incredibly blue! I cannot believe your trees still have so much foliage on them. It seems like most of our trees have been bare forever already. Yes, I'm sure that is my imagination. Some of our oaks still have leaves but oaks are not as common her as other deciduous trees. (We have two young ones in our yard so that's how I know they still have leaves. LOL)

I have found osage oranges in Upstate New York just south of Lake Ontario. The skin does indeed look like that. I have never cut one open to see what it looks like inside, though.

SandyCarlson said...

That is one incredible seed pod. Thanks for doing the work. Nice to meet the osage orange! Your photos are amazing. So much color. You make me realize how fast the color season went for us. You extend that time, too!

DeniseinVA said...

A spectacular series of photographs Carver. I can't even pick a favorite because each one is beautiful.

Arija said...

That certainly looks like an osage orange. My daughter uses them in her dye making but warns that they are poisonous.

Splendid colours still gracing so many of your trees by the lake. So nice to have your daughter share your walk, I know how very special that is.

With a body of water that size in your vicinity, there is always something new and interesting to share.

Hugs and Blessings . . . Arija

Indrani said...

I have never seen a seed like that.
Nice shots Carver. :)

Rambling Woods said...

I love to read the comments to a post and I love a mystery and you solved it.. Happy to hear that you had a nice visit with you daughter... Michelle

Crafty Green Poet said...

what wonderful fall colours and such weird seed pods

indicaspecies said...

I enjoyed going through your nature notes, thanks for sharing. Fabulous photographs showing such stunning colors of the autumn foliage and the serenity around Shelley Lake Dam.