Sunday, November 07, 2010

Today's Flowers: Plumes - the flowers of grasses

The first shot with plumes is one I took about six weeks ago. It's not anything like that green now.
I was reading about the flowers of grasses and how the plumes are made up of hundreds of tiny flowers.
The next shot was taken two weeks ago in Blowing Rock, NC and I guess the grasses on the left and right with their broom like plumes contain or did contain flowers.
Below is a close up of the same grass. I think each plume looks like a skinny broom but I don't believe this is actually broom grass. I looked online at some pictures of broom grass and none of them looked like this.
The next grass with plumes are from my wild and crazy garden. I saw an Inn in Blowing rock called the Inn at Ragged Gardens. I liked it and thought to myself, I have a ragged garden.
todayflow plumeshmcir
The next two shots are of grasses in the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, NC. I took these photographs years ago.
The pink plumes make me think of petticoats. Perhaps a fairy was flying around and dropped her petticoat on top of the grass.
The last shot was taken in front of a building in Chapel Hill which I think belongs to the University there (UNC).
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Cezar and Léia said...

Great collection of shots! All of them are so nice!
God bless you!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of grass flowers.

Unknown said...

Wow. How have I not thought to photograph these types of plants. Your photos are of them are really great!

The plumes that are at the top of the post - someone else photographed them and called them "sparklers". Do you call them that too, or was that just creative license on the part of the other person?


Kate said...

you captured such a lovely moment in time...winter is approaching too fast!

Carver said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting. To answer the question, I've never heard of the plumes being called sparklers but I like it.

Ebie said...

Aha, now I know its called plumes. I just call them plain grass. I took some photos of them this morning at the Gardens.

The pinks are pretty!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Those are lovely!

My Flower post. Have a great week ahead!

ladyinpurple said...

I love flowers..specially the purple ones.Have you got some in your garden?My granny taught me to love gardening (^__^)

Sandi McBride said...

I love grasses, both wild and ornamental ones, especially when I see them float and sway on a breeze. Lovely shots

Caron said...

As usual, the grasses are my favorites every time. You're such a good photographer.

Anonymous said...

adore visit your blog...SIMPLICITY...LOVE IT

DeniseinVA said...

Oh wow, those grasses are truly superb. Thanks for sharing them.