Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nature Notes: Pleasant days for walking

The big change at the moment is I've had some sunny days with cooler temperatures for walking.


Although most of the leaves are still green, more trees are starting to change their colors and a few are already dropping leaves.


I love the way I can walk any time in the day I choose without it being too cold or too hot. It helps motivate me to walk.


In the summer if I don't get up and out very early, I lose my window of time that is good for walking. In the winter it can be hard, some days, to get motivated and go outside when it very cold in the morning. But days like these, any time of the day is good for walking.


These shots are all from a walk I took on Monday at Shelley Lake which is at the end of the road my subdivision is in. I didn't walk all the way around the lake but instead took a side trail, after checking out the ducks.


It's nice to see how much water there is in the creek beds. I remember walks when they were practically dry. The shot below isn't very good but you can see the great blue heron in flight which I never seem to catch.


The shot below is another one which isn't that great but I'm including it because of how I caught the turtles sunning on the log. At first I thought they were just bumps on the log and then I realized what they were when I noticed some of their little heads stuck out.


I'm going to try to walk every day it's not raining. Since we have more rain in the forecast that won't mean I'm going on a walk every day but it will be more than I have been doing.


I guess I'll wrap up this meandering photo walk with a duck splash.


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MaR said...

Your walks are always wonderful!!such lovely places in your neighborhood.

Cezar and Léia said...

Thanks for sharing all the nice views along your walk! Autumn can bring some really pleasant days, can't it? Good that you're enjoying!
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Walking is good for your attitude as well as for your muscles. You have a pretty place to walk and watch the seasons change.

I have a place near me too! It's chilly and overcast, but after a few minutes of walking I warmed up. Now I feel toasty!

Keep on walking, Carver! No excuses, you hear?

Jeanne said...

Hi Carver--LOVE the turtles, and the splashing duck.

We don't have any turtles here in Seattle. I'm not sure how long they've been gone, but before my time. When I was a kid there were frogs everywhere, and now those are very hard to find. A childhood without frogs and turtles ... it blows me away.

Squirrel said...

Wonderful captures Carver.

Rambling Woods said...

Thank you for pointing out something that I should be happy about and that it that I too can walk around now with more ease and not get over heated. I have been so much in mourning for the summer that I haven't yet embraced the good things in fall... Thank you Carver... Michelle

DeLi said...

i love walking with your pictures :)

Ascender Rises Above said...

i am in love with your photos. the colors. the sing song story that goes back and forth between bird and season.

moosh said...

I so enjoyed your walk. Many cute creatures along the way.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful walk! Thanks for the pictures and for taking us along!
I'll soon be even more grateful since there is not really much here to walk too ;)
But soon it will at least get a bit cooler and easier to do some sort of walks... :)

Ayie said...

listening to the gushing water of the creek is very relaxing