Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature Notes - Sweet and Savory smells

The first two shots were taken earlier in the growing season but haven't been posted yet. I started thinking of fragrances as a bit part of what I notice when I step outside.
The sweet smell of peppermint is released when the leaves are broken which happens this time of year with all the insects around.
The oregano adds a savory scent to the mix which baffles sometimes when they all mix together and I'm trying to figure out what I'm smelling.The recent bird food which is maturing in the trees are the black cherries. The cherry trees are becoming a good spot to find the birds as they are snacking away.
There are so many different flowers blooming at the moment. I'm pleased that the different shades of rose of sharon are being added to the white ones I've already posted.
I love seeing blooms at all different stages. Buds next to full blooms holding promise for days to come.To find other participants in this activity please visit the home of Nature Notes.


Cezar and Léia said...

Wonderful post dear Carver!
I'm envious !!! :-) You have a perfect garden with beautiful flowers and great herbs as well!
Peppermint tea is wonderful! In Brazil it is called "hortelã"!I use oregano a lot in my food!
God bless you

peace ,purrs and love by Luna(from Brazil)

Bird said...

Oh, we are also growing marjoram and mint - it's lovely to make your own tea from it! As I read I could smell the herbs. What beautiful bird and flower photography as well - thanks for sharing!

Leora said...

If I were a bird, I would eat your cherries, too. I grow mint and oregano; love all the homegrown herbs.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful surroundings.

ramblingwoods said...

Hello Carver..I see you have your own fledgling robin peeking out. They are all over at this time of year. Wonderful post for Nature Notes as I could almost smell the peppermint as I read. I want to grow some herbs, I guess I could even go it in containers....Michelle

Carletta said...

I love the thought of adding some scent to the garden. I'm really going to do this.
My Rose of Sharon has yet to begin to bloom..
Lovely Nature Notes Carver.