Thursday, June 14, 2007

People with Melanoma who blog

On my Big Bear group of links, I have a section with perspectives from people with melanoma. I only included web sites or blogs which included a history rather than journal type blogs. Although my blog is a journal, I linked the part of my blog where I summarize my story in the patient perspective section. I have decided that I want to have a list of all the bloggers with melanoma that I've gotten to know either on the MPIP, through their blogs, or in some cases in other ways. If anyone wants to be removed from this list, or their family members in the case of the dearly departed want a blog off my list, please let me know. I am compiling this in July of 2007 but dating it in June so it won't come up as a regular blog entry. Also, if anyone wants to be added please let me know. Latest update is October 2008 and I hope I've added everyone.

I'll start with the web sites and go from there:

Patients Perspectives (not in alphabetical order)

Miss Melanoma - Official Site

Other Bloggers with Melanoma (these are not in alphabetical order)

HollyG Tri and be Happy

Becky The Power of You

Jackie Doss

Miss Melanoma blog

Melanoma Moments


Kerri's Cancer Journey

Amy Busby Melanoma Warrior

Melanomanum RuthUK

Operationsunshield Myspace Blog Jane from Maine in NC

Melanoma Awareness (Lee Jordan)

What Now?

Caregiver blogs who continue to update their blog although their loved one with melanoma didn't make it.

Our Fight (Liz and Mike)

Two Lucky (Rusty and Yen archive from melanoma category)

Brad Horstmann has a blog at CarePages

Keith (Stage IV Melanoma), Suzan and Christopher

Their Words Live on but sadly the following bloggers are no longer with us physically.

Bryce D Brown

Arby's Guitar

Charlie Wemkea Blue

Melanoma, Life and other Crazy Stuff (Shannon aka Butterflymom)

Que Sarah, Sarah

Kim from Iowa

Randy Evans

Living with Melanoma (Heather)


Brian Halley Family Prayer Blog

Nancy Solnikowski

Michele Rigney


seanty said...

Hi Carver,

my blog is at

Whilst I was collating a list of blogs for my new site, I used your as a starting point. Thanks for the assistance.

I noticed your blogroll has some dead links, and the status of some of the bloggers mentioned has changed.

You can see updated lists based on your at:



Hollie said...

My blog began the day my husband was diagnosed. Our daughter was born less than 48 hours after my husband died. My blog begins with cancer and ends with LIFE. I continue to update it regularly.

Carver said...

Thanks Seanty for your comment and for visiting.

Dear Hollie, I went to your blog and am so sorry that your husband's life was cut short by melanoma. I didn't see a way to comment on your blog or I would have. Your daughter is so adorable. I know it must be so hard to have had her after your husband's passing. As ever, Carver

Anonymous said...

I have just been having a look at some of the posts on here - some very poignant stuff. I lost a very dear friend to this illness in May and I vowed then to try and make a difference by helping to fund raise for the Christie in Manchester. If I could make a difference to just one person, I'd be satisfied.

Amy Waldrop said...

Hi Carver,

I found your site through MPIP. I LOVE your site. I'm dealing with melanoma too. I haven't been officially staged yet...have PET tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Amy Waldrop said...
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Unknown said...

Carver...great blog...My wife was taken from me by malignant melanoma back in January...the link to the blog I write about her and us is at:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy yours.


Jennifer said...

Hey Carver,
I was recently diagnosed with melanoma and have been blogging about it.
here's the link:

Cheryl Brodersen said...

Thanks for your list. I can't wait to dive in. I started my blog when my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma. That was in January 2009, and the DTIC chemo is working. My husband's doctor is the reknowned Dr. Evan Hersh at the Arizona Cancer Center. My blog is a life blog--Steve's life with cancer, our 5 kids in this blended family, my journey through a doctoral program, and anything else that I think is funny. It is funny. It has to be. My 17 year old son named the blog

Thanks, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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3womacks said...


I enjoy your site as well as list of other MM folks who blog. I just started up my own blog the addy is


Peter Ogle said...

Hi Carver: Thanks for organizing all this info on melanoma. It's a good resource. I've been writing essays about my life with melanoma. They can be found at Best, Peter.

Anonymous said...

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