Monday, June 18, 2007


If I haven't said this enough times already, I love fresh starts. Here I am at day two of my latest, renewed effort towards being as active as possible and I have walked 2 miles each of those two days. I know that it's silly for me to fixate on silly logs but it helps me stay motivated. I'm not running any races, even against my self but I'm moving towards optimism yet again. I need to keep finding ways to feel like I'm making some kind of progress, even if progress means not sliding back down the hill and ending up needing more physical therapy. That's the big deal. I have demonstarted that everytime I let myself get to a stand still I end up with worse problems, if nothing else the lymph fluid backs up when I stall out. It almost helps that the weather is getting so horrendously hot because it motivates me to get out and walk before the ozone alerts are blazing out at me on my desk top weather alerts. As long as I walk in the morning it's okay but past about 9:00 am it's too late to start which helps get me moving in an odd way.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I love about you is that you believe in renewal:
Your garden.
Your outlook.
Your motivation.
Thanks for reminding me that we all have an unlimited supply of fresh starts. And they are ours at the moment we ask.
Yep. Here comes the quote:
Let us train our minds to desire what the situation demands.
-Lucius Annaeus Seneca