Monday, June 11, 2007

Carver's Melanoma Links July 2007

This is a new stab at a page with all my melanoma links. The date says June so it won't be part of my current blog entries. To go to my current rambling photo and prose blog click on this link: Carver's Sight or is that Site. To find more than you probably want to know about melanoma go to the links below, organized into some major categories. But first a pretty picture.Note - Janner has finished her site which includes both of our links so you can check that out at Melanoma Resources. It's more comprehensive and logical than mine. Those of you who know both of us will understand why, ha.

Charts, Tables, Staging



Treatment Options (note- also see the articles section)

Stage I Melanoma

Stage II Melanoma

Stage III

Stage IV

Recurrent Melanoma

Cancer Care

Unknown Melanoma Primary

Psychological Issues

Newly Diagnosed

Patients Perspectives

The patient perspective above are from blogs and patnets that give a history of some people's experience with melanoma. Recently I decided to compile a list of all the blogs I have seen with people who have melanoma. The link to that list is on my permanent links or you can go directly there:

People with Melanoma who Blog

Complementary Medicine

Radiology, Lymphatic System, Anatomy

Side Line Issues

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