Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nature Notes: walks and home birds

I've been enjoying winter walks even when it's quite cold.
In some ways the slightly warmer days have been less fun to walk in than the colder ones because we've had rain many days when the temperatures are above freezing.
I'd rather have snow than rain when it's only slightly above freezing.
The birds in the tree are a male and female cardinal and a sparrow. The bird below is a male rufous-sided towhee.
Below is a little junco in my deck vines.
Next is a female rufous-sided towhee on my deck wall.
I took the next shot on a foggy morning.
The squirrel was watching me get the ice out of the bird baths.
I think bluejays are such beauties.
 I find the moss on the roof of a house in my neighborhood to be very beautiful.
I like the different textures of the various tree bark.
The past several years have been wet and a lot of the bark has moss.
I spotted some interesting fungi on a walk but it was drizzling and I left my camera at home. I'll have to try to remember where I spotted it the next time I take the same route for a walk.
I thought the sunset below was lovely.
I think the warbler below looks like he's dancing.
I think the male cardinal is giving me a quizzical look.
 I think the female cardinal below is debating joining the male cardinal or kissing the frog instead. Actually it looks like the frog is trying to hug the male cardinal.
As soon as I got the ice out of the bird bath the female cardinal below had a bath.
 The bird below is a brown thrasher.
 I think the bird below is a mourning dove.
It's easier for me to walk in the winter than in the summer because I have trouble with heat.
Below the gulls and cormorants appeared to be fishing in the same part of the lake.
I like the way the mourning dove looks all puffed out.
 In the next shot a red-bellied woodpecker joined the mourning doves on my deck for a cold day treat.
 I think red-bellied woodpeckers have such a sleek stylish look.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You have birds we'd see if we were in Oregon (the towhee and warbler and sparrows and doves) and it kind of makes me lonesome for winter birds. But we'd never see cardinals and red-bellieds there. And it would be raining every day and I agree it is never fun to walk in the rain...

Nevin said...

wow! all shots are equally good!

NatureFootstep said...

tahnks for sharing all nice things on your walk. :)

Rambling Woods said...

I too prefer snow to rain in most cases. This weather is crazy... I will link,you in to NN as I am early this week... Michelle

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful collection of birds, Carver. I love the pretty Towhee, I do not see them around my yard. Wonderful series of photos, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

Carole M. said...

a lovely series; I admire you being out in the COLD to get your photos; lovely birds and scenery

Karen said...

I haven't been out walking much this winter, it's been too cold. This morning it is minus 24 with the wind chill! A lovely series Carver. Lots of great birds, and such a cute squirrel!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful walk I like your textured shots. I especially like the red head.

Pat said...

Such a lovely nature walk!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

you have captured some lovely birds.