Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nature Notes: Late April

Hard to believe that April is drawing to a close.
This sparrow must not have been as shy as the other birds.
During the time I photographed the sparrow: a chickadee, titmouse, and nuthatch all swooped in and out too fast for me to catch them with my camera.
It will be interesting to me to see how this post looks after I publish it.
What google blogger refers to as their new, streamlined, easy to use format, looks very weird to me.
I'll admit that I'm not big on change in terms of new programs that never seem like an improvement to me. The shot above is of butterfly weed which is popping up like crazy.
The roses above give a little splash of red to my increasingly jungle like garden. Large sections of my yard, like the one below, have been overtaken by honeysuckle.
Virginia Creeper is another vine that's taking over in the back part of my garden.
On the right hand side of the shot below is a mulberry tree branch. The birds love the mulberries so I've let several volunteers grow into large trees.
The gutter on the street in front of my house had a flowing stream of water from recent hard rains.
Moss is growing on the base of my oak tree.
I guess I'll have to clear out some of the weeds around my irises since they are trying to bloom.
I almost didn't spot the dutch iris since I've let that part of my garden get so over run.
At first I thought the yellow might be goldfinches.
In another section of my overgrown garden, a different type of irises as well as the money plant (purple blossoms) are trying to hang tough.
I was pleased to see some coriopsis coming up near a cherry tree. I used to have a lot of coriopsis but most of it was lost to competition.


EG CameraGirl said...

Your garden looks very lush to me. Mine still looks like early spring in many place.

Libby said...

We have the same things in our yards :) I showed honeysuckle last week and Virginia Creeper this week LOL!

You know, sparrows are really cute when you see them up close like that. I like the yellow around the eyes. Those are good shots!

Rambling Woods said...

You have so much happening in your yard..I love all the plants and flowers..and the cute little bathing sparrows. I saw some house sparrows bathing in a puddle here..Thank you for being such a devoted Nature Notes blogger Carver...Michelle

Anonymous said...

Looks like that little sparrow was enjoying itself and you captured such great shots.
Your garden looks very lush and I see you have the same pesky 'sticky weed' as we get here. :)

Cezar and Léia said...

Lucky girl, you have a perfect garden with adorable birds! :)

DeniseinVA said...

Your little sparrow is such a darling, and I think all your other nature photos are wonderful.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely garden! And the sparrow is so handsome close up, what lovely markings on its head

Sallie ( said...

Your photos look OK to me, but smaller it seems like than they used to. I HATE it when Typepad or our ISP make changes -- dunno' why they can't just leave well enough alone.

You had a lot of birds -- and the one you did catch is adorable. When we traveled up your way, someone told me that Virginia Creeper was almost as bad as kudzu and that it would "eat" anything that got in its way. but it is very lovely in this picture.

Pat said...

I have Virginia Creeper and wild grapevines all along the fence. Honeysuckle (I guess it's the invasive kind) is popping up all over the place. Your garden looks like a beautiful haven for wildlife!