Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Nature Notes: End of March and April Begins

We're continuing to have a wet spring with mixed temperatures.
Since early to mid March, we haven't had a hard freeze to damage leaves and flowers that are ahead of schedule, and hopefully that will continue.
Some days there is a 40 degree difference between day and night temperatures and although it has stayed a few degrees above freezing, the bees don't like the chilly nights.
I base my assumption about the bees likes and dislikes on the fact that they seem frantic and confused in the morning.
I'm guessing the bug above is a ladybug because of it's spots but it's smaller and doesn't look like the ladybugs I see in the summer.
One good thing about how wet it has been is the pollen isn't as much of an issue as it would be in dry weather.
The shots above and below are ones I took at the Art Museum Park this weekend.
The next shot is on the street leading into the Museum and I'm not sure if the vine is honeysuckle or something else. It's early for honeysuckle if that's what it is.
The Pecan Tree in my back yard continues to leaf out and I'm holding my breath until we get past the last average freeze date.
The azalea is reaching towards the oak tree. The oaks are leafing out way ahead of schedule and are another tree's leaves that I would worry about if the temperatures dip too low.
Only one little cluster of the next flowers has come up so far this year.
After I posted this nature notes, I realized I hadn't included a single bird photo which is unusual for me.
As it happened, I spotted American Robins and a rufous-sided towhee and a few other birds on my deck.
I thought the robin and towhee shots turned out well enough to add them to this post.
I didn't include the other birds (sparrows and nuthatches) because they were moving too fast for clear shots.
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Rambling Woods said...

You have so much color already and I understand your concern. I can only blanket the shrubs and plants and have already lost some of the lilac blooms..Tomorrow we will have to do it for the 3rd time, but we are getting a little faster at it..LOL.. Love your bathing birds...Michelle

Libby said...

Nice shots! I really like the one of the azaleas. :). Your birds have so much personality too! Great post.

Leora said...

Interesting how the bees react to the cold nights and you can tell. Also, the note about pollen being less of a problem where you are - we have drier weather, and my family seems to be sneezing in reaction to something in the air. I've been seeing robins about, but they don't seem to come to my backyard.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm jealous pf all the blooms you already have! :)

Nature Rambles said...

Beautiful flower and bird photos. The birds must love your yard! I also loved the shot of the azaleas.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

you get pecans from your tree?

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour Carver,
Beautiful set of pictures, the nature is happy with Spring season!

Dianne said...

we're having big temperature swings as well
I had to cover some plants that sprouted too soon when it was 80 degrees in March
and the birds appear a bit confused ;)
you have so much beauty going on around you!
wonderful photos

Sallie ( said...

Happy April! Happy Spring! Interesting about the bees flying around crazy in the mornings -- butterflies, I've noticed, are easier to photograph early in the morning because they hold stiller. When it warms up they don't seem to stop much. Your flowers are beautiful -- and so springlike.

Linda said...

Lots blooming already in your part of the world. Love the birds in the birdbath.

jewaicious said...

What wonderful captures. The museum scenes are lovely. The flowers and birds photos have lovely tones and contrasts, beauties all.

Pat said...

Lovely shots.

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos--thanks for sharing.

My Unfinished Life said...

lovely lovely images of the flowers and other flora....!!

i beati said...

in such glory ~!!!