Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nature Notes: More of the same

I like to use nature notes as a nature diary of sorts but in spite of lots of new growth, more of the same seems to sum it up.
What I mean by that is that, there are so many flowers ahead of schedule like azaleas.
Also, we continue to have some rain most days and some clearing most days.
The odd thing though is dogwoods which are usually amongst the first trees to bloom, are coming later than others this year.
My poor tulip was beaten down by a hard rain.
I think the web below almost looks like someone is spinning a hammock.
I worry about the oak trees already having their pollen capsules because they will be upset if the leaves form and we have a hard frost which is possible.
I am enjoying the trees that are flowering.
It lightens my spirits to see a sky of blooms.
It's fun watching the birds fly together and then separate as if a courtship is progressing slowly.
In the mornings I see so many different birds in the trees and the bluejay (below) usually announces its presence vocally.
The brown thrashers always crack me up.
This one was a contortionist as it primped and preened.
It used all the water and then fluffed out.
The feathers almost looked like fur, reminding me of a leopard.
I enjoy seeing more and more American Robins.
Even though I see some robins high up in the trees in the winter, they are more abundant and come to the ground and bird baths in the spring.
The female cardinals have such full beaks.
I also notice the red in their feathers after a bath.
Although the male cardinals are more flamboyant, I think the females have their own beauty.
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Sallie ( said...

You are doing great keeping up with your beautiful flowers in this odd season... In Oregon, the rain often beat daffodils and/or tulips to the ground, but I don't remember the tulips looking as good as yours does after that happened! Great birds -- the thrasher has the weirdest eyes.

Leora said...

Your birds always look like they have a sense of humor. Yes, that is early for tulips! We have daffodils. Crocuses came and went in a flash.

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Carver,
I love all pictures, so lovely birds pictures and the magnificent energy from the beautiful flowers!
ahhh that tulip is spectacular!

jane said...

Great bird pictures I especially like that Brown Thrasher what a comedian - your trees look good my hazel nut tree should have had catkins by now but nothing is visible - hope it is ok - have a good week = Jane UK

Libby said...

Carver- You have some GREAT photos here! I like the dewy azalea and tulip. And, the contortionist bird is priceless!!

Libby said...

Carver- You have some GREAT photos here! I like the dewy azalea and tulip. And, the contortionist bird is priceless!!

Rambling Woods said...

I noticed that the silver maple is right on schedule where as some of the plants are early..maybe trees are different? I love the flowers and 'Carver's Cast of Bathing Beauties'

Nature Rambles said...

The flowering trees are stunning! About your bird captures, it's always fun to see them. Happy Spring!

jewaicious said...

What gorgeous captures of nature's beauty, from birds to droplets on flowers...a plethora of loveliness.

eileeninmd said...

Carver, your tulip is gorgeous. I love all the plants and blossoms. I am happy Spring arrived early. Your birds shot are wonderful. I really love the Thrasher in the bath shots. Great post, have a wonderful day.

Dianne said...

I really love the birds in the bath, they're so funny
wonderful photos!

Pat said...

You have pictured so many signs of spring here. I love the Brown Thrasher in his bath.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what lovely photos! The raindropson the flowers are so lovely! Then the female cardinal is adorable!