Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nature Notes: Trying to beat the heat

We have had a very hot July, even for us, in central North Carolina. My front yard bird bath is shaded by large oak trees and is very popular although not the best for getting good photographs.
nat note brd bth IMG_2427
Fortunately for the wildlife and for my electric bill too, I have lots of shade in my yard.
nat note brd bsh IMG_2420
The squirrel below took such a long siesta in the heat of the day that I was afraid he had suffered a heat stroke.
nature notes sq IMG_2586
I decided against making noise to make sure he was ok because, if he was resting it was better to leave him alone so he didn't have to use energy running away in his fur coat in the heat.
nat note sq3 IMG_2598
Finally after well over an hour of my checking through my window to see if he had moved, an itch he had to scratch roused him.
nature note sq2 IMG_2590
He stayed in a new position on the same branch until finally he got up and came down for a drink of water. I was glad that he was ok.
nat note brd IMG_2626
My deck bird bath is always full of a procession of birds.
nat note brd IMG_2627
The small birds watch me from the trees when I change out the bath for cool water so they get a turn before the larger birds return.
nat note finch IMG_2628
It's nice to see the pecan tree laden with pecans for a winter treat for me and the wildlife.
nat note pec IMG_2557
I've gotten better at photographing the birds in the trees and bushes. I watch for rustling leaves when the wind isn't blowing and usually can spot a bird.
nature note wren IMG_2615
The most popular cover is trees and bushes that not only have shade but also berries for the birds to eat.
nat note bird IMG_2469
The porch swing is popular because that gives a good view of the bird bath.
nat note card IMG_1875
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Unknown said...

The trees provide a great place for animals to stay!

EG CameraGirl said...

I guess the shade is where to look for birds here right now too, Carver. I'm sure you are warmer than we are...but that doesn't make me feel any cooler. :)

Caron said...

OH MY GOSH that squirrel! With his little leg dangling! I love that photo, how precious.

ksdoolittle said...

Wonderful photos of your BY wildlife. That squirrel looks like I feel! I'm about ready to go do the same! I might even dangle my legs, too!! ~karen

Sherrie said...

It's been unbearably hot here this July. 3 weeks out of 4 it's been high humidity and temps in the 90's and above. It's so hot the squirrels and bunnies aren't moving much here. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Unknown said...

a cool way to beat the heat, lovely series.

Muhammad khabbab said...

wow you have captured wildlife beautifully. nice shots.

Squirrel said...

The wildlife sure does love your yard!

NicoleB, Kuwiat said...

Ah, missed this week's nature notes (but I didn't have anything to tell anyway).

That squirrel made me laugh so hard, even hubby got a laugh out of it.
He's Mr. Cool (the squirrel) :D

Rambling Woods said...

I thought I was the only person who would check on an animal..Nice that you did that Carver and thank you so much for always having water for the birds and other yard visitors...It is a life saver...Michelle