Monday, July 19, 2010

Back from Beach Break

Not only was I taking a break from blogging last week, I got a change of scenery.
misc post bch tlj IMG_2018
My family gathered at Atlantic Beach, NC. The shot above was taken from inside the cottage and you can possibly see my daughter, sister, and brother in law heading out for a walk after we arrived.
misc post wd bc IMG_2023
The shot above was taken from the porch looking out on the beach late in the afternoon.
misc suns bch IMG_2060
We had a very dramatic sunset the first night that we were there.


Photo Cache said...

Oh what a fun way and lovely place to spend your time away from blogging. How was the weather?

I hope you got reinvigorated by the time off.

Caron said...

That looks awesome! That is one of the best parts of the country. I'm glad you got to look at such beauty during your blog nap.

NicoleB, Kuwait said...

OK, this is totally beyond gorgeous!
LOVE that beach, that view and all, wow,....!

Ayie said...

the orange sky is so calming...i can see myself gazing by the sky lounging on the beach chair