Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today's Flowers: Blooms at the NC Botanical Garden and Blooms at My House

I thought I'd start with a few shots from the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill.
I enjoyed seeing some of the areas in bloom at the garden and also the new shoots emerging which are a ways off from blooming.
I will have to go back in a few months when there is more in bloom but I enjoyed the spring blossoms.
There is a lot blooming at my house. My overgrown azaleas seemed to bloom almost overnight.
The big azaleas on either side of my driveway are so big I may have to cut them back a bit so I can get into the driveway.
I like to let the azaleas grow naturally as opposed to hard pruning.
One of my varieties of tulips has pretty much stopped emerging in the spring but I was glad to see this solitary white one with the purple tinge came up.
I used to have a whole area filled with that tulip variety. The money plant is starting to fill in where the tulips stopped coming up.
I also have quite a few iris in bloom and many more to come later.
Another variety of azaleas is beginning to bloom earlier than normal as this is usually a late one.
I need to cut it back as soon as the birds nesting in the bush leave because it's beginning to block my windows.
For more flowers around the world, you can visit the home of Today's Flowers.


Leora said...

How pretty! We have a lot of blooms in our area, but the azaleas have only just begun. Do you have deer who like to feast on tulips? The deer in our area are ventured out and ate crocuses this year. So far, tulips still intact.

Thanks for the tour!

Carletta's Captures said...

That first shot with the blue sky and all that green is lovely!
I think your azaleas are gorgeous. I like them overgrown as well. I just can't get them to grow well for me along with the deer eating the bushes.
Hope you're having a great Sunday!

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous blooms, love those awesome Azaleas and the iris are pretty. Looks like a wonderful botanical garden to visit. Wonderful photos, Carver!

DeniseinVA said...

So many beautiful flowers and your azaleas are magnificent. Thank you for sharing and have a great week.

EG CameraGirl said...

I enjoy visiting botanical gardens, whether in person or through someone else's lens, so thanks, Carver. Yes, you azalea is getting mighty big. That's another plants (besides your camellias) that I would love to grow here in Ontario.

Elaine said...

First of all, your azaleas are stunning! I miss being able to have in the desert Southwest our soil is so alkaline that it is very difficult to grow them....not impossible but they require a lot of extra care and never perform like they do in the South! I grew up in South Carolina, and lived for a few years in Tulsa and remember such gorgeous displays of Azaleas! I've certainly enjoyed seeing yours today! :)

Randi said...

What a lovely botanical garden you have close to your home! Your azaleas are stunning - I have never seen so big bushes.

Ebie said...

Wow! the bloomed wherever they were planted! Love the drive way shot!

Everything is so colorful! said...

Carver, dearest...the photos are very beautiful...
Congrats and have a nice week.

Naturegirl said...

Simply gorgeous all the images that you shared today!I can imagine how gorgeous it must look to your neighbors having those azaleas giving such color to the street! Oh my..those tulips with blue stamens are stunning!!
Mother Nature has so many secrets!

Carolyn Ford said...

Those red azaleas are fabulous, and they are SO big! I love them!

eden said...

Gorgeous blooms. I love visiting Botanical Garden and last Thursday we visited Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. Fantastic photos. Have a nice day

Cher' Shots said...

WOW ~ I would love to have those azaleas at the end my drive welcoming guests. They are GORGEOUS. I love the color. thanks for sharing

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful flower photos, so many beautiful spring blooms, don't ya love this time of year?

Judy said...

Wow!! Lots of flowers! I love the red azaleas at the end of the driveway! I know what you mean about preferring the natural shape of the plants, rather than pruning them. I do that with my forsythia!

Gel said...

Carver, what a gorgeous garden! I love that white tulip you found, too. I also like the last macro shot.

nonizamboni said...

You've made my heart sing with your photos!
I love the huge azaleas guarding your driveway.
Happy Monday!

Caron said...

Wow, those azaleas are beautiful. You are so far ahead of us! We have daffodils and the trees are beginning to take on a green haze.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello sweet Carver
it's sooo wonderful to see all these beautiful flowers, and the adorable energy in your post today!
Thanks for this lovely idea!It's a gift for us!

Voyager said...

I love that you leave your azaleas in their natural shape. In my neighbourhood most people prune them to squares or globes, but like you, I let mine reach out for whatever they need: light, air,shade, and they find their own perfect shape.