Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nature Notes: Bathing beauties and new growth

The brown thrashers are a frequent visitor to my bird baths and they are getting rowdier with spring in full force.
The cardinals and robins also enjoy bathing on my deck. The cardinal likes the bath the robin is in.
The robin seemed to notice me shooting through the deck door and moved to another bird bath. The cardinal cautiously ventured into the bath the robin had left.
Butterfly weed is coming up all over my garden which I love to see.
My hostas are starting to emerge. Some are barely starting while others are growing vigorously.
I think the variegated hostas are my favorites as far as the leaves go although the blooms on the solid green ones are my favorite of the hosta blooms.
I'm pleased to see my lavender coming back. I started this lavender from seed over 10 years ago and each spring it comes back.
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Unknown said...

I love seeing the bird taking a bath! Thanks for stopping by.

Ayie said...

the birds are enjoying the bath

MyMaracas said...

Your birds seem to be quite sociable, sharing your baths. I hadn't thought of putting shallow pans on the deck; raccoons keep knocking the top off my birdbath, so I had stopped trying to keep it full. Maybe this would work better.

Caron said...

I have thought about the shallow dishes on the deck, but I don't want any more bird droppings. It is interesting to see the cardinal wait like that. Oh and a rabbit ate one of my hostas. :(

Voyager said...

I have never seen a brown thrasher. He is so big! The trays on your deck are a great idea, the birds come in so close. Unfortunately with three cats, such trays would be buffet tables around here.

mommanator said...

bathing beauties indeed!

eileeninmd said...

Love seeing the birds in the bath. Great photos. I would love to grow Lavender, is it easy to grow.

Cezar and Léia said...

So cute, as Luna said "The birds are back!"
have a wonderful Friday,

ramblingwoods said...

I love watching the birds bathe... I do love your deck..we are nowhere near that green, but hopefully soon. Of course it doesn't help when snow showers are in the forecast... Thank you for posting to Nature Notes Carver.... I appreciate it... Michelle

Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful photos of the birds, specially the interaction of the cardinal and the robin