Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hard to believe that I'm old enough

I find it hard to believe that I'm old enough for all these degenerative changes that keep getting noted on scans. I'm not sure if my shoulder x-ray helped to explain the pain I have that radiates from my shoulder or not. I guess I'll have to talk to the docs about it. I picked up the report today and it said, "moderate degenerative change noted in the acromioclavicular joint which likely explains the findings on recent bone scan." Say what. I am of course happy that no fractures or lesions were noted. I guess I'll keep plugging along. So far degenerative changes have been noted in my spine, feet and now my shoulder. I guess that's par for the course and I am of course grateful to be getting old enough to have degenerative changes. I am surprised that process would start when I'm this young. I was 47 when my first PET scan mentioned "likely degenerative changes" and now at 49 that phrase is cropping up more. Would be nice to get answers which might move me towards fixing a few things but I can still hold out hope that getting my vitamin D levels up will help more. I am still enjoying the beautiful spring we are having. The changes are accelerating to the point where every day it's a change of scenery. Browns give way to green and tiny buds furl out full blown blossoms. Is that cool or what.

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