Monday, April 02, 2007

Butterfly Posing

Even the butterflies seem ahead of schedule this year. This butterfly in particular posed on my leaves and let me snap photo after photo. It was funny because it landed in an area where it was hard to get a good shot and then obliged me by moving to a more exposed spot and showed me its good side. I'm even enjoying the warm days and not overly concerned about the heat to come. I think it's been nice to have the back and forth weather kind of easing into the warmth. Also, I felt like I got enough of a winter this year not to feel as cheated as I did last year when we barely had any extended cold periods at all. I went to get my shoulder x-ray today and hopefully that will give me some answers about that particular issue. It's nice to have a test where I know going in that cancer isn't the issue so I can hope for an answer. It's always a little conflicting when I get a scan and want an answer but not the wrong answer. In this case, it could be something which might improve with an answer. I can't believe how colorful my front yard is. I always think of my secret garden in the back as being where I have more going on but during the time period when the azaleas and camellias are in bloom in the front it's quite lovely. The periwinkle, star flowers, and a few crocuses have also been blooming in the front and even the rosemary with it's tiny purple blooms near the street curb is lovely. My driveway dogwood is almost in full bloom. The hostas are poking out of the dirt, just barely, but enough to remind me of where they are. I'm hoping my tree peonies will bloom this year. I planted them from root stock quite a few years ago and I've yet to get my first blooms off those plants although they've been very healthy looking from a vegetative stand point. Perhaps this will be the year of the peonies. That would be fun.

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King (Kathie) said...


Just beautiful pictures! Wow!

I hope you get solid answers to your shoulder problems.

Stay Strong

King (Kathie)