Thursday, March 22, 2007

End of March

Hard to believe that March is pulling up to a close soon. I like March with it's mix of weather and flower's beginning. In some ways the blooms have been more like April, particularly bushes and some of the trees. But we've still had the mix of temperatures I like. Some cold days, some warm, but none that are down right hot yet. Looks like that's changing next week where we go from below freezing nights to mild nights and up to 80 during the day. I'm starting to sound like a weather channel. I wrote a song back when I was doing that which had a line, "I talk too much but rarely about the weather". Seems like I talk and think about the weather more and more. I suppose there are worse things to occupy myself with although I have as little control over the weather as I do over anything else. I'm not even controlling what I can control in terms of gardening with the weather. I used to have seedlings started in my garden boxes this time of year and would put the tops on at night and take them off when the sun was shining brightly. I get a kick out of the fact that although I'm not doing that kind of gardening anymore, I still get volunteers from past plants in the boxes that went to seed. Kale, carrots, cilantro and broccoli are amongst the volunteers I have at the moment in my garden boxes which are in front of my greenhouse. I have tons of volunteer plants that will provide flowers this summer although some got zapped by the last freeze. Still there are more popping up daily: coriopsis, echanasia, queen anne's lace, hollyhocks, and on an on and on. The early daffodils are already finished blooming but I have later ones as well as narcissus going into bloom. Everytime I step outside there is something else to see. I have some kind of virus at the moment so I'm not venturing very far but all I have to do is step into my back yard and I'm greeted by sights, smells, and sounds of spring. Gee, I sound like a greeting card. There could be worse things to sound like I suppose. Funny how it's almost a relief to have an old fashioned flu bug. This is my first one since my MM dx. I know what this is. The unknown is what freaks me out.

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