Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've never understood the makeovers some organizations offer to cancer patients. I've thought it's great if it gives the people a boost but at the same time it seemed odd to me. I think I understand it more now. I've been obsessing a little about my upcoming PET/CT scan and what do I do. I not only get my hair cut and styled for the first time in over a year, I get it colored for the first time in my life. In an odd way it makes me feel better. I still need to lose a ton of weight but I feel lighter after my new "do". I've never been a girlie girl but the older I get the more I find myself wanting to help along the mostly natural style I've always adopted. I could never get cosmetic surgery and the main lift my face will get is when I smile. Hopefully losing weight will help me lose some of the droop and little things like a new hair style and a little lipstick can't hurt. Since I'm a small child in my blog's profile pic I thought I'd post the nearly 50 year old me (49 for 8 more months).


King (Kathie) said...


You look GREAT!!! Wow! I just love the hair. You go girl!!

Stay Strong

King (Kathie)

Anonymous said...

I love it! It's similar to mine but mine's a bit longer. I'll post a pic. soon. I think you look GREAT. It's nice to walk out of there swinging your hair around, lighter in your step, feeling all girly & sexy.
I hope the tests go well - I am sorely out of the loop on everyone. Feel guilty about that but so busy lately and trying hard to live my real time as much as my cyber one, you know?
Thinking of you always & love your new hair.

Anonymous said...


Your hair looks fabulous! Makes me want to go get my hair cut. My hairdresser moved to Florida back in December, and ~sigh~ I don't feel like finding another one. I guess I'll be donning ponytails until I do.

(I like the color too! Subtle, but effective!)

Good luck on your scans.


Anonymous said...

Love the new look. You certainly don't resemble an almost 50 year old woman...good luck on the scans.

Jackie said...

Luv it luv it luve it, darling!

ruth said...

Carver you look great!

All the best for your upcoming appointments and scans.