Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hard to believe

Hard to believe my daughter will be 22 on Friday (embarrasing that I had to come back and edit this because I was thinking tomorrow was Friday) . Even harder to believe that I was only 6 months older than she is when I married her Dad. Bill is 8 years older than I am so he was much older than she is when he married me but I was 22. This will be the first birthday since she went to college where she'll be home with us. We're going out to eat at one of her favorite places which should be fun. Fortunately she's off work. It's getting better and better having her home for the gap in between her graduating from college in December and going to law school either in May or August. If she goes to one school which has offered her a scholarship, she'll start with the summer session and will be leaving in a couple of months. She's waiting until she hears from all the schools before making her final decision. She's already been accepted to 3, is wait listed at 1 and has 3 more she hasn't heard from yet. I am very proud of her. Not only for how well she has done academically but for having the maturity not to immediately jump on the scholarship offer at a school she really wants to go to until she hears from all of them. One reason it's getting better and better having her home is we're getting used to living together as adults, something we've never done. Her first two summers after she started college she had jobs out of state. Last summer was a short gap between getting back from study abroad and going early to school because she had a job there. She spent a few days a week with me during that gap but lived with her father for the first time since our divorce. She always went to his house Saturday and came home Sunday, when she was growing up, after we divorced. However, in terms of who she lived with most of the time, it was me. I'm still getting used to her being an adult but we've got it figured out now, for the most part, and it's nice having this time with her. I'm still not sure I'm ready to let her get up on the roof which is ridiculous since she has great balance. The deal is I sill haven't dealt with the jasmine and miniature fig which have reached the top of the chimney and she has offered to get them off for me. It's logical for her to do it, and it's not a very far drop but I'm having trouble being willing to risk her getting hurt. Have I mentioned that I'm an overly protective mother in certain regards. When she was 5 she fell out of a tree and broke her collar bone but that wasn't about balance, that was about the limb breaking. She was playing in the back yard with older neighborhood children and I was checking on them periodically but I missed the fact that she climbed way up in a sycamore tree until one of the older girls came running in to tell me what happened. Turned out fine but was one of those scary moments where you see your small child lying on the ground and don't know how it will turn out. I've been making a lot of progress in the garden and am still toying with a little drama on the storage building. The storage building is attached to the greenhouse and is a slightly darker green than it looks like in this photograph. Kind of funny to have a green storage building attached to a "green" house. Lately I've been thinking about what a fun canvas the storage building would be if I was more talented or braver. I considered painting designs like people used to do on the old VW vans in the 60s. I have thought about painting it barn red. Lately I've considered stencils of lions, tigers and bears, oh my! I think I'm getting even sillier in my advancing years, if that's possible. I've always had my silly side.

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