Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring has Sprung oops here comes winter

I was caught off guard by more flowers yesterday. Earlier in the week it was quite warm but yesterday was cold and windy and today is even colder. Never mind that Spring 20007 has decided to spring into action in February. The photographs in this entry were taken yesterday. Since it was down into the 20s Farenheit last night there is not telling what my back garden will look like today but nevermind that, yesterday was another unexpected day of surprises in the garden. I feel sorry for the birds with the weather getting colder because they are out in full force. I went for a walk/jog yesterday and was practically tripping over the robins. They are so low key that if I had my camera with me I could have captured a bunch of pictures. That's part of how I saw the flowers in my back garden. When I got home, I got my camera and quietly went into my back garden to see if I could photograph the robins. That didn't work out because they were spooked by noisy birds flying over head. I didn't get any good bird pictures although I may post my dove hiding in the limbs and the overhead shot of a starling. What I was able to photograph were the spring flowers that literally burst out in color behind my back. The day before I had shifted several loads of oak leaves from the front to the back and had been working on another side of the garden so I missed how close to bloom some of the flowers in other areas of the garden were. The main event in my front garden so far is a cyclamen I thought I'd lost peaking out through the leaves. The cyclamen was given to me as a potted hospital plant when I had my hysterectomy in 1990 and 17 years later it still blooms in my front shade garden. I also have a bunch of amaryllis that started from a couple of potted hospital gifts to my father and keep on keeping on year after year to be stars of my summer garden. Now that I think of it the grape hyacinth I photographed yesterday was also a gift. Same with my red daisies that come back year after year although it will be a while before they come back and bloom their fiery bloom. The daisies started with a potted plant a carpool mom gave me because I did more than my share of the carpool having more flexibility than she did since I had started working from home so my daughter could attend a high school that didn't have a school bus. Every summer since 2000 the red daisies have provided a riot of color because I planted them in an area where I have yellow coriopsis and purple cosmos. The red juices up the colorfest. My daughter turns 22 on March 2 which is hard to believe. Her special daffodils look like they are at just the right point to bloom on her birthday. Funny how much symbolism those flowers have for me. It was so wild to go to the hospital with snow on the ground and a lot of ice in the trees, have my beautiful baby arrive out of me to the world, and when Bill went home to pick up a few things, it was a warm sunny day and the daffodils were blooming for him to cut a bouquet and bring them to the hospital for me and Judith. Most years they are pretty good about blooming on her birthday. I realize it would be wilder if she was born in January rather than March but still it's a fun thing to watch for each year. The week after her birthday is my week for doctors. Moday, March 5, I see my rheumatologist, Tuesday, March 6, I get a full body PET/CT scan and Thursday, March 8, I see my dermatologist. It's not until the end of March that I see the NP at the melanoma clinic at UNC but the medical oncologist scheduled the scan at Rex early enough so he could have the slides sent to UNC prior to that appointment. So far they have been great at Rex about calling me right away about scans and tests so hopefully I'll get the word about the PET/CT scan within a few days. Also, the great thing about Rex is they aren't far from me at all and I can always pop over to medical records and get a copy of the radiologist's report. They don't have the beurocracy to go through that UNC does. Every scan I've had done at UNC except for one, they have brought me a copy of the report during my appointment but the one time I didn't get one and went through medical records it took a month. I had to sign forms and then go through billing first and then I got it. They don't charge to send doctors your reports/slides but they do charge you unless it's like it normally is where they print me out a copy during an appointment. It not the charge I mind it's the way a separate agency handles the billing and they require advance payment. The problem I have is it took forever to get it. Oh well, garden thoughts for now, worry about BS later.


King (Kathie) said...

Hi Carver,

I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of those red daisies when they bloom! Daisies are my favorite flower.

It's so nice that you have lived in the same house for so many years - lots of memories even while out in your yard. My mother still lives in the same house I grew up in (Mass.) so when I visit, I, too, have many memories when I look at the various trees. However, I've been rather restless in my adult life and have moved around.

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

Stay Strong

Stage IV 7/05

Anonymous said...

I see the dove, I see the dove!
I guess you answered my previous scan question. You get all of your appointments in row too...
So many docs, so little time. :)
You know I am thinking about you and wishing you well.
It is wonderful that the beautiful memories you planted burst through reality every year for a visit.
Love, K.