Saturday, December 08, 2012

Today's Flowers: Surprises

Camellias (this variety) set their buds during the winter and bloom in the spring. This camellia got ahead of itself, to my surprise, and I caught a picture of it before the frost began turning it brown.
The seed heads of the fairy asters surprised me with their beauty.
They lightened the browns in my winter yard.


DeniseinVA said...

The petals are perfect, such a lovely color pink. Thank you Carver, and have a great weekend!

Carletta said...

What a lovely winter surprise!
The camellia has such a soft pink color and so delicate looking.
Those little aster seed heads are quite dainty and I agree about their beauty.

Maude Lynn said...

What a perfect flower!

Francisco M. said...

Hola amiga,

Muy bonitas las fotografías.

Te agrego a mi lista de blogs útiles, y si te apetece, pásate
por felicidadenlavida

Un abrazo,
Francisco M.

Modern Mom said...

Lovely pics. Love the color of the camelia.


Self Sagacity said...

The soft pink is very comforting. And the dried bush is quite fun to see actually. :-)

Arija said...

That camellia is absolute perfection! Super photo.

lina@womens perspectives said...

Stunning Camellia. Love it :)

A Colorful World said...

Each are lovely in such different ways...camellias are always SO beautiful! This one is just so perfect! And the seed heads of the asters have their own beauty!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The camellia had a short moment of perfection and I'm glad you captured it!)

Laura said...

how beautiful!