Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Nature Notes: It's beginning to feel like autumn

I may be weird but it's nice to have the weather getting chilly enough to wear a sweater inside.
I'm ready for fall and even winter this year.
We've had a lot of fluctuation in temperatures. Last night was in the low 40s F and today only got to  the mid 50s F.
Slowly but surely it's beginning to look like fall.
I like the mix and contrast in the trees below. Much of the green are the evergreens which don't change.
The dogwoods are a rainbow of colors as I look through the leaves.
I love how soft the male cardinals feathers are in the next shot. 
He's got a beak full of something below.
The berries on the porcelain vine are a popular treat.
The female cardinal is hunting in my gutters for food.
The mockingbird is all fluffed out.
The female cardinal's tail looks like a fan.


magiceye said...

All so beautifully captured!!

lotusleaf said...

The female cardinal knows how to keep cool! Beautiful pictures.

Reader Wil said...

The cardinal is so exquisite . It's a pity we haven' t got this beautiful bird in the Netherlands. Thanks for sharing these photos! Have a great day!
Wil, ABC Team.

Judy said...

Our autumn is turning into feeling like winter now...frost on the ground this morning. Our birds are pretty much gone now, not too many left.

EG CameraGirl said...

I love the tinge of red your leaves are showing now.

Jewaicious said...

What beauties, each one, so filled with wonderful color and joy.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

No wonder you're ready for Fall! It's so pretty at your house. I wish we had cardinals. The fan-like tail is amazing.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely colors and your cardinals are gorgeous. Great series of nature shots. Have a wonderful day, Carver!

A Colorful World said...

The cardinal pictures are wonderful! And I love the leaves!

Rambling Woods said...

I so love your cardinals...Michelle