Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nature Notes: Growth

I'm enjoying watching the birds grow up.
It took me awhile to be sure this juvenile American Robin was o.k.
Finally she started preening. Can you see the little bald spot in the shot above.
The first two shots are of the same juvenile robin but the rest are of different ones.
Below is an immature rufous-sided towhee. I was assuming it was a female since the adult males have black heads and the adult females how brown heads but when I looked it up on all about birds I found out that this is actually an immature male, surprising to me.
The next two shots of a male rufous-sided towhee are adult males.
The towhees, robins and cardinals are the most numerous bathers at the moment.
The immature cardinal below looks like it has a bald spot.
I enjoy watching the cardinals as I have many males and females.
The ones in this post are females.
The fairy asters below are blooming in my back yard over two months ahead of their usual schedule.
The grass below is in my backyard with plumes waving.
On a walk I was struck by how tenacious trees are growing in between rocks along the creek.
The trees clinging to the the steep bank also seem tenacious.
One last nature shot taken over the past 7 days. By the way, each week for nature notes I look back through the nature shots I took in between the last nature notes post and the day I'm preparing the new one.


Rambling Woods said...

I love all the youngsters...I haven't seen any young robins..I hope there are some, maybe they don't hang around in my busy yard. I do hear others and they are so cute.. Hope it isn't too warm for you Carver..supposed to be 90 here Wed and low air quality..I will be inside...Michelle

Leora said...

Hm, I gather these birds aren't supposed to have these bald spots? Reminds me of when my cat (this is from childhood) got into a fight and some of its skin got shaved so it was bald in some spots.

I like looking at the rocks in the woods. That looks like a pleasant spot to rest.

Laura said...

beautiful Carver...the birds look so sweet with their feathers wet and ruffled.

Kusum said...

The youngster looks very cute! Love the photo essay altogether!

jane said...

What gorgeous little birds - we have young goldfinch -and greenfinch - coming to the feeders for sunflowerhearts and young blackbirds to the sultana dish - and all are taking baths in the fountain - love that fairy aster - Jane UK

Cezar and Léia said...

The birds are so cute and I love their pictures enjoying the water and the beautiful sunny day!
I also love the rocks in your last composition, feeling of Summer in the air!

Libby said...

Greeat bird shots!! Every time I come to your blog I tell myself that I must get a bird bath, because yours looks like such a riot! Nice photos :)

EG CameraGirl said...

You have such an ideal spot to watch the birds mature!

eileeninmd said...

Carver, I love your cute baby birds. The Robin is just adorable. wonderful nature post, have a wonderful day.

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Wonderful are you all photos.
I still admire them !!!!!

Joe Todd said...

Can't Slight your Site/Sight..LOL
Thanks for the post/photos

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I like little birds.