Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nature Notes: Heat and Humidity

After a pleasant beginning to June, the heat and humidity has come down like a ton of bricks.
The bird at the top of the shot above is an American Robin, the little one in the middle is a finch, and the one at the bottom is probably a male rufous-sided towhee. 
It's hard to tell in the shot above if it's really a male towhee (that's the same bird as the one in the same bath in the first shot) since the black feathers are covering the white and rust feathers.
From looking online, I'm pretty sure the bird above is an immature brown thrasher but I'm not positive.
The female house finch above blends in perfectly with the deck floor.
The female cardinal above was moving her head so fast it blurred a little. I'm pretty sure the bird below is an immature cardinal.
The next shot is of the same immature cardinal.
The next shot is of an American Robin and Brown Thrasher in a deep conversation.
I took a bunch of shot of their tete a tete.
The conversation always ended with the brown thrasher back in the large bath and the American Robin back in the smaller bath.
The American Robins are such fun to watch.
The house finch is watching the American Robin in the larger bath before the thrasher came to claim it.
The next shot is of a female rufous-sided towhee.
The brown thrasher below is turning its long nose up at me.
I think it is going to be marginally cooler tomorrow. Any improvement in the heat and humidity would be a blessing.


Leora said...

Love the shot of robin faces thrasher. All your birds are wonderful! Such personality.

eileeninmd said...

Carver, you get the coolest birds in your birdbaths. Great shots and thanks for sharing. Have a great week ahead.

Rambling Woods said...

LOL..I was having to refill the bird baths several times a day when it was so hot...about the juve cardinals...
"Juveniles are similar to the adult female. The bill of the juvenile is black, changing to a horn or cream color before attaining its bright red adult color."

So I think you had all young cute...

Thank you for participating in this week's Nature Notes, I really appreciate it..Michelle

Cezar and Léia said...

They are so cute and looks a perfect time to have fun with the water!
Beautiful pictures!

Sallie ( said...

So cool...that thrasher has a look of absolute triumph on his face (in the picture where he has the bigger birdbath). Your yard is a paradise for the feathered bunch~

BlueShell said...

LOL...they are cute...
We are having a heat wave here...too hot! Some people are sick....we usually do not have high temperatures...

I heard about the tornadoes:::Hope you are Okay!

Nature Rambles said...

I love seeing the birds in your birdbath. Such wonderful captures! We've had rain so the heat and the humidity has come down a wee bit.

Photo Cache said...

how wonderful to watch these birds bathe. we used to have a lot of birds come to bathe and drink in our little fountain in the backyard. now that our backyard is overrun by feral cats, we don't see them anymore.