Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nature Notes: The first five days in October

After a period of hard rain brought September to an end, the first day of October had partial clearing and considerably cooler weather.
natnote oct1mthast
I took the shot above on October 1 and the shot below on October 2. I'm sure the path below flooded because it always does with hard, prolonged rain but by the time I walked on it a day and a half without rain had started the drying process.
natnote oct2fldshpth
The next four photographs were taken on the third day of October and it was a lovely day.
natnote oct3treemx
I would say the pair below were in a deep conversation except they were both more intent on grooming than chatting.
natnote oct3duckpr
Hard to believe that before too long the green below will be red, gold and orange. Those are mostly later trees to change colors but when it happens it seems to happen fast.
natnote oct3shellcltr
The geese and ducks were swimming pretty fast and created lots of swirling in the water. There was a little wind too but not much.
natnote mixgsedckoc3
The next four photographs were ones I took on the fourth day of October.
natnote cardtroct4
It was humorous when I took the shot above. I looked up at my dogwood and thought I'd focus in on the red leaf and then I realized it was a male cardinal. I think fall is one of the few times the male cardinals have much natural camouflage.
natnote oct4rob
The robins seem to be getting busier with cooler days. I can't believe how fast the holly berries are changing. In a matter of less than a week they went from mostly green to a rusty red color and I'm sure will be bright red soon.
natnote oct4hollber
The little guy below blended in very well with the dried leaves. Those are last years leaves I used for mulch. It will be a while before this year's oak trees start changing and falling.
natnote oct4mthmx
The rest of the shots were taken on October 5. I walked to a near by corner shop and was pleased to see the mix of colors.
natnote oct5treeumbs
I was very surprised by the butterfly I spotted in the parking lot. I managed to photograph him before he flew away.
natnote butterfloc5
I was startled to see the hawk circling overhead. I haven't seen the hawks this summer but did last winter and spring. I guess this is when they come back to the neighborhood.
natnote oct5hawk
I like the way trees change colors at different times and they end up with contrasts and also extend the colorful time.
natnote grnamboc5tr
The last shot is the same dogwood tree at my house that I photographed the cardinal in for an earlier shot in this post.
natnote dogwdboc5
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Nicole said...

Ahhhh, taking a deep breath and enjoying the clean & cool air!

Leora said...

You got a lot of variety in your shots. I love the hawk. I'm sure the ducks like each others' company, the way my daughter likes when I sit next to her while she does her homework.

Thanks for visiting my recent posts.

Cezar and Léia said...

I love the butterflies, mainly the first shot!

DeniseinVA said...

What a beautiful collection of photographs. Loved them all, thank you.

mommanator said...

How beautiful! maybe I should do a week long pictoral, but all my shots would prob be the same color here in Fl

MyMaracas said...

What a nice set of photos. Looks like you had a great week with lots to see. I especially love that last one, with the gold against the blue sky.

Rambling Woods said...

Carver...I only know the third butterfly and it is a red admiral and some of them migrate a distance to warmer weather...I think the hawk is a turkey vulture by the way the wings fan out at the end, but I am going to check. The vultures like to catch the thermals and soar in do a better job with your nature journal than I do....Michelle