Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nature Notes: Active birds and changes continue

I guess the birds must be getting ready for winter because they are out in full force and busier than ever.
natnote wrenoct11
The carolina wren was moving her head up and down so I was surprised I got any shots that weren't blurry. I zoomed in and kept clicking as fast as I could and about one third of the shots actually turned out pretty well.
natnote wrenoc11
The woods are still mostly green but I've noticed increasing changes in the neighborhood.
natnote creekrcoct7
The green below is the oak tree in front of my house and the fall foliage is from the dogwood and tulip tree.
natnote mixtroct12
There are a hand full of leaves on the oaks in my yard which are changing but most are green. The dogwoods have reached their full fall color and the cherry trees, sweet gums, and maples are pretty far along. There are so many oak trees where I live that having them be much later in terms of changing to fall colors makes our peak fall color come later.
The seed head above is from my rudbeckia (black eyed susan). Most of my flowers have gone to seed.
natnote grssploct12
I love the plumes on grasses and even the change to yellow of the blades as they die back for winter. The female cardinal below was having a nice soak in the afternoon sun.
natnote fecardoct6
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Rambling Woods said...

We are at about peak here for color. I keep trying to will the leaves to stay on the trees to hold off winter. It isn't working

Cezar and Léia said...

The close up at the birds in the first and second shot are awesome!Adorable little friend!

EG CameraGirl said...

I find it interesting that you are still so green. Mostly seed heads in my garden now too. You are seeing so much bird activity!

Leora said...

I like the plumes. Those are new to me.

Your carolina wren is a sweetie. I saw blue jays in my garden this week, but they are much too fast for me and my camera.

Caron said...

I love photos of birds in their baths. We had a rainstorm yesterday that blasted many leaves off the branches. And so it goes, nothing grand and glorious around here this fall except a few trees.

D said...

It is interesting to see a few of our younger maples with half the tree in red (facing south) and the other still green (west); then there are maples that have not begun to turn.

The ornamental grasses in our garden always please.

Nicole said...

I love to follow the changes around your garden and neighbourhood!
The trails and trees look wonderful.
My fav shot is the female cardinal. How sweet is that?! :D