Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nature Notes: End of March

As March ends we have had a mixed bag with a few nights close to freezing and a few sunny days as well as many rainy ones.
In addition to all the changes around my house when I have to drive somewhere, I'm greeted by increasing numbers of flowering trees.
We did have a pretty day on Saturday and I went for a walk at Shelley Lake (the closest lake to me).
The geese and ducks aren't as crowded on the main part of the lake but in protected areas they are paired off like the couple you can barely see through the growth below.
Back at my house the birds continue to delight me with their long baths on my deck.
I try to me as quiet as possible when photographing them but sometimes I know they sense me being a voyeur.
The cardinals continue their frequent songs to mates near and far.
Below the cardinal's mate is saying, can't a girl take a bath without being hollered at by an impatient guy.
A few tulips are starting to emerge and bud but not fast enough to be likely to add their color to the narcissus in bloom.
You can't see them in the wider view, but interspersed on the slope with the narcissus are emerging tulips. Some years I'm lucky enough for them to partially bloom together.
The same is true of the slope on the other side of my backyard pictured below but even without the tulips blooming yet it's pretty colorful.
The yarrow is starting to come back although it will be awhile for any blooms from that.
Everywhere I look there is something else budding forth to join the active plants.
A few violets are beginning to add their little purple blooms and greenery too.
My cherry trees are pretty slow but they are beginning to come back to life too.
In my front yard everything is beginning to get more lush and to thankfully give me at least a little bit of a buffer from the street.
Spring's version of fall has started with a carpet of petals to soften the driveway.
My dogwoods are slow this year although I've seen some around town a lot further along.
Looking out my window one morning I was glad that the trees aren't all in bloom or leafing out as I like to see some bare branches.
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Sandy Kessler said...

so beautiful so much promise loved it all Sandy

Unknown said...

signs of Spring. The cherry blossom is awesome and your birdbath still highly frequented by Beauties!

Caron said...

I could rave about everything! You have all the things we are still waiting for and your photos make me feel like spring is really on the way here. Between you and Michelle, I was thinking of those noisy birds out in the backyard, so before I commented here, I filled a bird bath like you have and filled the feeders. Will they quiet down? I hope not!

ramblingwoods said... are far ahead of western NY..but we will get there. I realized that my tulips are showing some green now and I wasn't sure what they were..but they match yours perfectly. The only tree going this early is the silver maple. It will be a while yet, but I think we all earned some warmer weather... Michelle

MaR said...

The flowering tree is gorgeous!! Love your shots, Carver, the bathing birds are the cutest thing!

Happy Easter to you.

ksdoolittle said...

SWEET!! You covered all the bases to show your more northern neighbors of things to come! ~ks

agreenearth said...

What a beautiful tribute to the awakening of spring.

Euroangel said...

everything is wonderfully all your pictures here!

off topic please: I just remember that my husband's father's family name is Carver...The full name actually is Bill Carver, an American soldier who was station in Nuremberg, Germany in 1955...I search it in the net but I get thousands of this name in the U.S...

have a blessed celebration of the Easter season!

Gel said...

Lovely variety. I enjoy seeing your nature jaunts documented by your photos. The Cherry Blossoms are here, too. So lovely. Like the leaf closeup and those birdies bathing.All bring me Spring smiles.

Best to you!

walk2write said...

I love all of the blossoms that Spring has to offer, but I agree with you. A little less (a few bare branches) means a lot more enjoyment somehow.

Anonymous said...

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