Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taking the taste out of my mouth

After I got my teeth cleaned yesterday, I decided to drive to the end of a walking trail on my way home and snap a few pictures to take the appointment taste out of my mouth. I wasn't planning on walking because I had limited time and I was hungry. The plan was to drive to a part of the greenway walking system not too far from my house but farther away than my regular walks. There are some rocks and a stream that I wanted to photograph which are where the trail ends on a road.
There was a slight glitch in my plan. I had never driven to that end of the trail. I'd always ended up there when walking from the other end. Therefore, although I thought I knew about where it was, I was only vaguely aware of where on the road it started. I wasn't even 100 percent sure which road to park on. So, when I saw a greenway trail marker (little tree on a sign marking the start and end of walking paths), I parked my car and thought I was at the place where the rocks and stream I wanted to photograph were.
The minute I started down the trail, I realized that I wasn't where I had intended to go. As a matter of fact, I was at a part of the trail system I'd never walked on. To make it more exciting, part of the trail was flooded.It's still so recently that we were in drought conditions that a flooded trail was a sight for sore eye. So here I was, on a trail I'd never walked on that was only a few miles from my house, and I assumed if I kept walking it would meet up with one of my familiar trails. I probably walked over two miles before I realized that I wasn't seeing anything the least bit familiar.
Since I was following a stream, I felt sure it had to feed into the one I was looking for but it never did. I also didn't see another living soul. Well, unless you count the multitude of birds fluttering around saying, what's she doing in our woods.In spite of my limited time and growling stomach I was so taken with the enchanted forest feel that I wanted to keep walking and I did for quite a ways. I never did figure out exactly where I was in terms of the rest of the greenway system. I have a map somewhere and I guess I'll find it and try to pin point how much farther I'd have to walk before it would have connected with my familiar walks.If it wasn't for the greenway sign and the extra sign saying the trail had been adopted by a boy scout troupe, I would wonder if it was a parallel universe. Darn those efficient signs.


SabineM said...

lovely shots....I am getting my teeth cleaned tomorrow

Heart of Rachel said...

Great shots. A new adventure is always exciting. It's nice that you discovered new paths.

ellen b. said...

What beautiful photos of an enchanted looking place. Kind of expected to see faeries, too.

Dee said...

Yes, I'd rather find a parallel enchanted forest than get my teeth cleaned. What a great way to "wash" the cleaning out of your system! Maybe we can visit it when I'm there?

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

Lovely shot of your walk. Keep the daily walks up :)

Berni said...

Incredible photos as usual. The green is so soothing

jmb said...

A very pleasant place to take a stroll Carver. Everything is so newly green.

Sienna said...

How beautiful is this!

Truly a sight for sore drought striken eyes, our average yearly rainfall is about 250mm, which I think in American is 10 inches...and we haven't had average for 10 years! (All below).

The green is so lush, so picturesque, what a wonderful place to get lost in.


MaR said...

Beautiful walking trail!! although any place is better than the dentist's...but your shots are truly beautiful and remind me of a forest far away from where I live. I am not human when I am hungry (or tired!)
Have a wonderful day!

maryt/theteach said...

I'm glad you didn't get lost, Carver! But if you did get lost what a wonderful place to get lost! :D

Anonymous said...

Dearest CarverFriend,
I am sorry that you had to go to the Dentist...we should both be good to go for a while. The stitches in my mouth are healing well and I have finished all of my meds from my visit with the Vet. I was sad to finish the meat flavored chewable ones though. I hope the Dentist gave you some delicious treats too.
I wish that I had been able to run through the enchanted forest with you. Alas, this is something I must dream about as I now reside in a TinyCondo. There are lovely parks to stroll with my People, however I must stay on my leash. I sometimes get to run around the pool area and play TennisBall or go up to the roof terrace leashless.
It is nice to find something unexpected every once in a while and I thank you for sharing the photographs. I do so miss the ferns that grew in my old yard.
But I get to spend a lot more outside time with the People who love me.
(I could do without the VetLove though.)
And I am really glad that you didn't get lost...My getting lost is a big concern for my BrianPerson and KimPerson so I always wear my tags and I have a micro-chip. I suppose your micro-chip is a cell phone!
Love, Emma

Wherever you go, there you are.
-Buckaroo Bonzai
(I really like the AROOOO! in his name.)

Carver said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting.