Thursday, December 06, 2007

Can you find the birdie in the picture?

I have never gotten the hang of wildlife photography. I can excuse myself by saying I need a more powerful telephoto lens but I suspect there is more to it than that. My other excuse is that the birds are so good at blending into their environment and that's why I used to do, can you find the birdie in the picture?, posts. If I hadn't cropped these photos dramatically it would be very hard to find the bird.
I really wished I'd gotten a better shot of the one above because it you look carefully, you can see that the bird is holding something in it's mouth. Someone with a more powerful camera, as well as more skill than I have, could have gotten a great shot with that pose.One of my greatest pleasures is watching the wildlife out of my bedroom door. When I first moved into my house in 1984, there was a window looking out to the deck. One of the pleasant changes I made to my house was to get a door from my bedroom out to the deck, which replaced the window and gave me a much bigger view.
It's hard to get good pictures out of the door but that's how I manage to photograph some of the birds without them blending into the scenery. It would help if I cleaned the window panes in the door. For the record, I have cleaned them since I first commented on that problem in my blog. The problem with cleaning is you can't do it just once. It keeps needing to be repeated. Does anyone else have that problem with cleaning?


Theresa said...

Great shots, I really like the black one with the bird eating. Very Edgar Alan Poe-ish.

Also I like exploring shots like the ones you did with your chair. I think digital cameras have made us all better photographers. Getting to see your shots right away and deciding right then how to make it better.

Loved your shots today!

by the way, we did stand in the middle of the road to get the shot on my blog today.

jmb said...

I have to laugh at the cleaning statement. That's why I neglect it rather, because you just have to repeat it over and over.
I would rather paint for at least you do it and it looks great and it lasts!

Carver said...

Hi Theresa, I agree that digital photography helps a lot. The only thing I miss is that the camera I used to use which finally stopped working had removable lenses and the telephoto lens was much more powerful than the built in one on my digital camera. The old camera was purchased by Bill overseas in the late 1960s when he was in the navy and was a great camera. I didn't get another 35mm camera after that so all I use is the digital. My new one has the capacity to add extra lenses but it's expensive and isn't very high on the list until I improve my skills. I love the shot you all got in the middle of the road.

Hi JMB, I'm with you about painting, that's much more rewarding. I also think staying in one place as long as I have is a problem because if I moved more I could at least whittle down all my junk and start fresh.

forevermonk said...

hey my friend, these are very beautiful photos!....
btw- i got you tagged! you may like to do it for the spirit of Christmas--pls check it HERE!

bless you!

Carver said...

Hi Dom,

Thanks for visiting. I'll check out the tag. I'm afraid I'm very slow about tags but I appreciate you thinking about me, Carver

Anonymous said...

These are great shots. I find it hard to take bird photos. They are usually blurred or by the time I've focused in they have flown off!!
Do you know what birds they are?
Sara from farmingfriends

Carver said...

Hi Sara,

The second bird is a dove. The last two are cardinals (bright red and lighter red). I'm not sure about the partially hidden ones. Thanks so much for visiting. Take care, Carver

Unknown said...

Cleaning is never ending!

I love your nature shots. The one with the squirrel and cardinal is my favorite.

Carver said...

Thanks Lisa. I like the one with the squirrel and cardinal too because they look like they are forming a line to the water. I just wish the panes had been clean. Oh well, at least it reminds me to wash them.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

your porch looks like a wonderful place to hang out on. wishing we had something like that here... but in the bay area the front porch is a rarity; let alone sitting on one!

Carver said...

It is a luxury to be able to sit out on my porch. That's one of the things I like about where I live.