Thursday, October 18, 2007

Photohunters: Practical (posting early and visiting late)

I am posting my photohunt entry very early, even for me, because I will be away from my computer for a few days. I like the challenging themes and for me practical was a challenge. I will be visiting other photohunters late but will try to get to as many as possible when I'm back to my computer either Sunday night or Monday morning.
I must look like I belong on my city's greenway trails because I am often selected by visitors to ask for directions when I'm walking. Knowing that I'm not particularly good at directions, I invariably decide the practical solution is to lead them to one of the many maps which are posted along the trail.
If I'm going on trails I'm not familiar with, I stick trail books or bike maps in my back pack. If I'm going on a road trip, I take my atlas because it's the practical way to be sure no matter how many wrong turns we take, we can find our way back on course. Since the advent of the internet, I also print out directions to my destination. It should be practically impossible to get lost when you travel with me. I hope that everyone has a happy weekend. Saturday is the photohunt day and you can find other hunters at either one of these links -


Linasolopoesie said...


Mark said...

Hi Carver,
Nice one, even though it is pratically impossible to get lost, i do enjoy it when it happens as you find some interesting places.

Cheers Mark

karoline in the morning said...

maps! certainly, positively practical! i hope you have a wonderful next few days carver..

thinking of you and sending you my best vibes..


Carver said...

Grazie Solopoesie, I appreciate you visiting my site.

Hi Mark, I agree that sometimes a wrong turn can end up in an unexpected place that is both an adventure and pleasant.

Hi Karoline, I'm going to be offline having fun and hopefully will get some decent photographs along the way. I appreciate your good vibes.

Carver said...

Solopoesie, My daughter helped me and I hope this makes sense because neither of us speak Italian, although she speaks a little bit:

Grazie per andare al mio blog. Mi dispiache, che non parlo italiano - la mia figlia tradotto il vostro messaggio ma lei non parlo molto italiano. Il mio blog é circa il mio orto, la mia vita, e i miei fotografie. Grazie di nuovo per venire!

Theresa said...

Great take on the theme and enjoy the trip. My husband is a big map person and we have a big size map of the world framed in our living room. Whenever we hear of a place we don't know we go look it up. Yes we are practical people too.

Wow conversing in Italian- there is no end to your talents!

Enjoy your weekend!

Carver said...

Thanks Theresa but for all I know my daughter could have had me say anything. I emailed the comment to her because babel fish didn't make sense and she translated the reply I wanted to do for me.

She's the one with the language skills. She has studied French, German, Russian, and Irish. She knows a little Italian and the native New Zealand language and a few others. I frankly lose count. I am hopeless with any language except for English. My husband (although we're divorced he's my traveling companion) will have all the topographic maps since that's his thing but I want highway maps just in case. Not that I don't trust him, ha.

Well I guess I really will shut down the computer now. I wasn't sure I'd get back to my blog after I posted the photohunt pics but work wasn't busy so I've been flipping back here one last time. I am an bloggin addict.

Voyager said...

Maps are practical indeed, but so much more. I love staring at maps, imagining places I've been, and those yet to travel.

jmb said...

Have a good trip Carver. Is this the big birthday trip to the big Apple?

Linasolopoesie said...

CAVER Carissima CIAO! ! !

I am glad I am that you have answered my e-mail.
Your daughter has translated the message in an Italian perfect
I am an elderly woman
(Only age but not in heart.)
Are mother and grandmother
In late age I learned to use COMPOUTER
Whom and truly becoming an instrument for not lose their sensitivity in a world that often forces us to be and feel alone

It is a sort of handle. Everything is permissible ... You can write all your thoughts! None
Will judge.
. Here is a sort of spontaneous solidarity, a shared life with those who know that will probably not meet ever.
Here we have the illusion of being alone and to be able to pull down all the masks.
Here send your "message in the bottle, make them disperse into the sea of web and someone on shore somewhere else collect them.

Of someone who is simply to read what you have written. Even if you do not leave your feedback,
How do you see it is no coincidence we met you and I!
Thanks! ! And soon ... Lina

Anonymous said...

good to have a map. These trail maps look great. sara from farmingfriends said...

Have a fun time!! You did a nice job with the maps. Grams

JC said...

Great choices! Maps sure do come in handy a lot. Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip!

Anonymous said...

A great practical selection! I agree it was a challenging theme butyou have overcome it beautifully:)

Anonymous said...

Yup maps are very practical.

Christy Woolum said...

Great pictures for Practical. I am a map fanatic. Have a good week-end.

Andree said...

Great post! I really enjoy walking the greenways in the cities I go to.

SabineM said...

I love hiking and I love hiking maps!
Great take on the theme!
HOpe you are enjoying your weekend away!

Anonymous said...

Very good take on the practical theme! I saw your post right after it was up but forgot (no, seriously!) to write a comment, how silly is that... Work is a bit overwhelming right now.

Hope you're enjoying a deserved good weekend

Carver said...

Thanks so much for visiting me. I'm just back from my trip but will visit some of the photohunters as soon as possible.

Whirlwind said...

That's great. We try to grab trail maps when we go hiking but not everywhere has them.

jams o donnell said...

Nice take on this week's theme. Very practical approach indeed

shiera said...

that's a nice find...big pink house! ^-^

thanks for dropping by my blog. The story about your baby ;) was heartwarming and funny. ^-^