Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogrolls (putting them all together)

This is an ongoing effort to have a blogroll of sorts. If anyone doesn't want to have their blog linked here, please let me know. Note this is way out of date. I did it during the fall of 2007 and have debated updating or deleting it. I'm making a few changes but there are so many blogs I've discovered and read now that aren't on this list it's way out of day.

Melanoma Patients who Blog
There are so many melanoma patient bloggers I need to add to this but I just haven't gotten to it.

Miscellaneous blogs I read when I can but this is WAY out of date. I looked at it and started to update it but other than a few links, I decided not to try now.

A Place I call Home

Addicted to Medblogs

Ascender Rises Above

Assertive Cancer Patient

Cariboo Ponderer

Days of My Life in Gozo

Dee's Updates

Farming Friends

From My View

Gathering Round the Table

The Green Fingered Photographer

Jackie Doss

Lissa (leftover reveries)

Lissa (Memory of Rain)




Mimi Writes

Miss Melanoma

Nobody Important

Our Fight

Perfectly Imperfect

The Poormouth

Shortcut to Mushrooms: A vegetarian Food blog

SabineM "Life isn't about Finding Yourself it's about Creating yourself"

Spindrift and dreams

Theresa's Life


Toss That Old Map Away

Tri and Be Happy

Work of a Poet


Yolanda said...

Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll and for being so supportive . I hope you and yours Have a wonderful Holiday season.

Carver said...

Hi Yolanda,

I enjoy your blog a great deal. I also hope that you and yours have a good holiday season. Take care, Carver

lissa said...

I didn't notice your blogroll until today, strange...since you said this was done in 2007, I just thought you should take my photoblog (postcards from the clouds) off the list since it's no longer active, I am in favorites of having blogrolls, though I think I am the only one who browse other people's blogroll