Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter Photo Walk

I haven't been going on photo walks this winter like I was doing during the fall, mostly because I've been pushing to make my walks as aerobic as possible. Today I was determined to walk in spite of being rather weary because tomorrow we have sleet and snow in the forecast. Snow wouldn't keep me from enjoying a walk but a quarter of an inch of ice under the snow would and that's what they are forecasting. I decided to take my camera with me since I knew I didn't have the energy for a brisk walk much less incorporating any jogging into my route. It was a little on the chilly side for stopping to take pictures but I bundled up and I enjoyed myself. I enjoy the contrast between how my neighborhood and closeby trails look during the different seasons. This winter almost has different seasons within the space of a few yards. Some of the sunny areas have been confused by the wildly fluctuating temperatures. We have gone from 70 degrees F to 20 degrees F within the space of 12 hours many times this winter. A few of my neighbor's lawns are mostly green although most have the winter brown look. I even spotted a few bent over daffodils that bloomed and then got zapped by the cold. I am approaching the two year mark since my diagnosis with melanoma and feel very fortunate to have done as well as I have. I may complain about the chronic issues I've dealt with since my groin lymph node dissection but when I look at people who not only deal with that and worse but are also fighting active melanoma in important areas of their body, I am aware of how lucky I've been. I have also been relieved that when push came to shove I was able to work very long hours over the past month. That may sound like a silly thing to be relieved about but a key ingredient to it working out for me to work from home has been that I get a lot of flexibility some of the time and other times I make up for it by putting in long hours. I've been lucky over the past two years to rarely have more than a week or two when I worked evenings and weekends as well as regular hours and I didn't worry about it since I had so many other years since I started working from home that I did put in a ton of extra hours as the trade off to not having to commute anymore. However, I have worried recently about what would happen if I had to try and work long hours for months without a break and wasn't sure if I could physically handle it. The answer, at least this time, was yes I can handle it. I am glad though that work is slowing down at least somewhat at the moment.


King (Kathie) said...


Great pics as usual.

I really understand how good it must feel to know you can handle the work load when push comes to shove. Every now and then, I consider going back to work and that's one of my concerns. If I can't pull my load then I don't want to be there.

Enjoy your winter weather. I just heard it's going to be 80 here tomorrow - ugh!!

Stay Strong

Stage IV 7/05

Anonymous said...

Hi Carver.

Thanks for the walk outdoors--not happening here for a while! Although the snow melts on the roads rapidly, leaving just the pretty white on the lawns, it's getting messy in some parking areas, sidewalks, etc., and we're expecting a cold "blast" from the north this weekend.

I'm happy that your work got busy for you--in the sense that it gave you a big reason to shift gears and find out that, even now, you can do it, adding exercise to the already full plate! While exhausting at times, it must be satisfying to sit back, say aaaaah, and realize how far you have come.

Yes, we are nearing that two year mark, with a different disposition. We've learned so, so much about life and living, haven't we?

Here's to another busy day for you, another walk when temps and weather improves, and to the upcoming big date of our two-year appointment!



Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the pathway with the trees on either side. It is so enticing that it makes me want to walk too but since I don't have a pathway like that I'll just stick to my bike. lol

Look how far you've come since your diagnosis and how much you have learned and shared with others. you are an inspiration.

Enter this new year with thanksgiving and joy in any way you prefer. Keep on truckin, doing what you're doing. The very best to you. sue