Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hidden in Plain View

I am still after that elusive good photograph of my birds. This photograph is sort of like a child's picture puzzle, where the question is: Find the bird in the picture. It's amazing how they blend into the scenery even in the winter. I know that's good because it's safer for them especially with the neighborhood cats prowling in my garden so much. Hard to believe that I am on the sixth week of my new walk/jog effort. I have averaged over 4 days each week so far. This past week I haven't done quite as well but I made it out this morning ahead of the sleet. It's hovering just above freezing so I doubt the sleet will amount to anything but I'm glad I got home before it started. I don't mind walking in the snow but sleet and freezing rain are better for being cozy inside. I'm coming up on two years since my melanoma diagnosis. I may have talked about this before on my blog. The beginning of February, 2005 was when I had my melanoma primary removed. Two years is a good place for me. Given the fact that my primary was so deep and I had a lymph node that was positive for melanoma, statistically I would have been more likely to recur in the first two years. For the matter, even making it one year without a confirmed recurrence was a big deal since my breslow depth was almost 7 mm. The farther away I get from my diagnosis, the more optimistic I have become. That's not exactly accurate. I was very optimistic initially but in some ways that was bravado. I couldn't keep up the optimism when I started having so much trouble with pain and blah, blah, blah. I have good days and bad days but in general I am genuinely optimistic. In March I have a full body PET/CT scan scheduled and a slew of appointments and it will be good to get that behind me.


Miss Melanoma said...

Great photos, as always. I've always been a birder, so I'm happy to see your posting pics.

Keep it coming,


Anonymous said...

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