Friday, February 14, 2014

Photohunters: Vertical Reflection

Last weekend I went on a walk and looked for vertical reflections for the upcoming photohunt.
I found a bunch of vertical reflections on my walk.
Today (Thursday) I am reflecting on my sincere desire that my trees remain vertical. We had snow and freezing rain last night and freezing rain and snow today.
I have already lost power during the evening on Wednesday, this morning (Thursday) and briefly when I first started composing this post in advance.
I will end my reflection by saying that I have it much easier than the birds who seek shelter in vertical trees and bushes. The birds in these shots are being fed by me on my deck so that helps them somewhat.


Susan Demeter said...

Beautiful wintery scenes! I hope you have gotten your power back.

My photo hunt entry for this week

Happy Valentine's Day! Keep warm :)

Photo Cache said...

great job on the theme combo. happy valentine's day.

frankly my dear.

Ela said...

Oh, lovely photos :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh I hope your power stays on ... what a winter... the birds just pop in that snowy picture...beautiful. Christmas card worthy!

SandyCarlson said...

Your cardinals made my day.

Your photos are magic. I hope the power stays with you and that the trees remain vertical.

With every snow, I am out there trying to keep the boxwoods and holly in some kind of shape. Then I remember, we look the way we do because we are here....But I love vertical!

Anne said...

Your photos are really wonderful. Great choices for the themes.

We're due for a snow-freezing-rain mix tomorrow...I'm at the "enough already!!" point with winter this year! lol

YTSL said...

Great photos and interesting commentary Carver! I think various parts of the world has been having unusually cold weather this winter. We don't get snow here in Hong Kong but it's currently cold enough that I've got the heater on right now!

eastcoastlife said...

It looks freezing cold in your pictures and I feel for the poor birds. Keep warm.

Gattina said...

Excellent photos ! I like the once with the colorful birds in this white and grey background !

Annie said...

All are great photos and that first one is very cool and complex! Hope your power is staying on. I never lost it but I was worried when the ice came. So glad I wasn't caught in that crazy traffic jam on Wednesday!

Mike said...

As much as I am tired of the snow, snow-covered trees and the like make beautiful pictures!

Bing said...

Love the second pic. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful reflection shots- perfect for this week's hunt.

Have a super weekend.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

It is looking cold in your Reflective world!

Trubes said...

Lovely blog and delightful photo's, I'm going over to your other blog now to take a peek !