Friday, February 08, 2013

Photohunters: Promise and landscapes you like

Landscapes You Like

I promise I won't try to show you more than six different types of landscapes I like.
I also promise that I'm only showing landscapes I photographed in my state of North Carolina.
In addition, I promise that most of these landscapes are in different parts of North Carolina.
The first shot was taken in the NC foothills on the way to the mountains. The second shot was taken in the mountains in western NC.
The third shot was taken in eastern NC heading into the coastal planes part of the state. The shot directly above was taken on the NC coast at the beach.
The shot above was taken in front of my house the day after Christmas in 2010. I live in central NC in the piedmont section of the state. The shot below was taken on the highway in central NC heading west.


Susan Demeter said...

I love all these pics, but my fave is the wintry landscape because you mentioned it was a Christmas morning. :) Love snow for Christmas! Happy photo hunting and weekend!

my Photo Hunt blog entry for this week

Judy said...

I love these, and that second shot looks much like the landscape around my area.

Anonymous said...

NC has beautiful landscapes. It begs to be visited.

Vane M. said...

Amo a paisagem de neve e o campo colorido...essas promessas você pode fazer sempre! Um abraço!

Gattina said...

You are surrounded by beautiful landscapes !! It's interesting to see what we Blogfriends like !

eastcoastlife said...

North Carolina is such a beautiful state. Love the winter landscape, it's just like the picture on a Christmas greeting card I received.

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Carver, these landscapes are wonderful.I love snow and winter scenes but that number 3 is my favorite of the day!

Hootin Anni said...

...and such a glorious, beautifully kept promise from you!! Wow.

YTSL said...

Hi Carver --

I've spent a little time in your lovely state and have to say that my favorites part of it are The Outer Banks. Wish I had found the time to explore the interior more though but at least your photos help me to explore 'virtually'. :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

These are some wonderful pictures!

My photohunt is up:

Annie said...

Carver, these are such great photos, all of them. Really shows how beautiful and diverse our state is.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots for this week's theme.
Have a super weekend!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You live in such a beautiful State. I usually can't even fathom how you come up with the combinations you do for the two Saturday photo hunts, but this time for a change I think I probably would have thought along the same lines.