Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nature Notes: Spring around the corner

My narcissus that bloomed too soon has some flowers that bounced back.
Although we're still in winter, it won't be long until spring arrives.
The male rufous-sided towhee was enjoying a mild day.
The female towhee below was also enjoying the day.
I realize I'm projecting human feelings when I talk about the animals but I'm going to do it any way.
The yellow rumped warbler comes to my deck with I put out cold weather treats.
The male cardinal looks like an exotic flower to me.
I caught the female rufous-sided towhee with her mouth open.
In the next shot a male towhee has his mouth open and a sparrow is blending into the deck.
Below is another male towhee.
Last but not least is a female cardinal.


Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Carver, you prepared an adorable set of images.The moon is so romantic, a perfect shot!

Karen said...

I think the flowers are confused with the weird weather. A great series of shots!

eileeninmd said...

Carver, I would love to see a Towhee at my feeders or even in my yard. I believe I have only seen them a few times in my yard. It would be cool to have them as regular visitors. You are lucky! I love your moon shot! Wonderful collection of photos.

Gerald (SK14) said...

what a lovely lot of birds.

Lorri said...

As always, your photos are wonderful! The moon, within the feathered-ones sets a sweet tone.

Mildred said...

Very nice collection of birds!
And it's already Spring in your world! Lucky you!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It's almost here! That little narcissus is a survivor! I think it's pretty hard not to ascribe human feelings to our animal and bird friends! Especially yours, because they always have such personality.

Rambling Woods said...

I love the moon photo..I talk about birds with feelings and I love it when others do. You can't observe them day in and day out and not observe all their interesting behavior and identify with it.. Michelle