Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nature Notes: Green Square and my green yard and birds

This week before I do my regular nature notes on what's going on in my yard, I'm going to begin in downtown Raleigh, NC with our new Green Square.
The green rectangle above is in the courtyard outside the new Nature Research Center and I'm not sure of its purpose as there isn't a sign yet.
The green roof above is pretty self explanatory. To explain about Green Square it's a "two-block multi-use sustainable development project" in downtown Raleigh where the NC State environmental offices are being built. Green Square also includes the new Nature Research Center as well as the NC Museum of  Natural Science which has been there for a long time.
The Green Square Complex will enable the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences to promote stewardship by example to the general public, while providing experiential learning opportunities focused on the current scientific research and environmental issues affecting our daily lives.
The model below in the Nature Research Center shows how rainwater collection and design features for water run-off are part of the new buildings.
I noticed there were a lot of charging units for people with electric cars around Green Square.
 The rest of the post will be my regular nature diary style nature notes.
The bee above looked drowned on the butterfly plant and I never saw it move.
The female house finch blends into my deck floor.
Although I only caught two bees in the next shot, after I zoomed in, their were hundreds of them on the ampelopsis (porcelain vine).
It's a good thing I like Queen Anne's Lace because it springs up all over my yard.
My perennial grasses are starting to form their plumes.
The bee below was feasting on the butterfly weed.
My hydrangeas are very early blooming this year.
Below is what I call my parent hydrangea.
The next shot is of its offspring that I moved to another part of my yard, quite a few years ago, and it is rivaling the parent. 
Next another shot of the house finch which hang out on my deck. The house finch shots this week or all females. The colorful males were camera shy this week.
The male cardinal was shaking off water from his bath below.
The next shots are of the male rufous-sided towhee.
Their eyes are very intense.
The American Robins are enjoying the spring weather.
I think the mourning dove looks very stoical.
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Libby said...

The Green Square looks like a good project. I liked the vertical garden at the beginning. I have seen those on Pinterest, and I think they look so cool - like living art. I have to read about ow you do that so that all the dirt and everything does not wash away(?)

And, as always, love your bird photos!!

Pat said...

I love all the beautiful shots from your garden!

Rambling Woods said...

I love the green square!!!! I like that you get so many bees and the really wet one looks like a carpenter bee as I just read that they can tolerate bad weather better than honey bees and will just hang out..Love the bathing beauties...Michelle

jewaicious said...

I love that green square! I also adore your bird photos...their baths, their cute looks when wet. I enjoy your photos so much.

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Carver,
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, that green rectangle is awesome and I'm enchanted by the modern architecture, you did great pictures!

Leora said...

Love learning about the "natural" projects in Raleigh. The green rectangle looks like a sampling of ways to cover with green.

Your birds look like they enjoy your yard very much. Maybe one day I will plant a blue hydrangea!

Sallie ( said...

I love this ... two posts in one.

The Green Square is a wonderful project -- I wish more Cities would do something like this.

And your yard is wonderful as always -- I've noticed that about the towhee's eye before (but never got such a good pic of one -- we have those in Oregon).....

eileeninmd said...

The Green Sqaure project is wonderful, Carver! It would be nice to see more of these kinds of projects all around the country. I loved your flowers and the birds. Great post.

Garden Centre Basildon said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, that green rectangle is awesome and I'm enchanted by the modern architecture, you did great pictures!

Garden Centre Barton-le-Clay

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

first photo: why is the grass growing like that?

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Carver what a great post...I love the green square and the whole idea of the Nature research Center...all those birds are amazing and how close you seem to them. I need a better zoom on my camera...I also love Queen Anne's Lace which I have to control in the yard but it is all over the meadow...good thing the swallowtails look for it...I hope to have caterpillars this year!