Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nature Notes: another 7 days of change

The past seven days have seen wild changes in temperature.
At first the early spring blossoms were doing pretty well since the lows were only a little bit below freezing.
But then we had a cold blast which killed much of the premature blooms. I photographed the Japanese Magnolia above and below before and after the blossoms were zapped.
The birds were much happier when it was warmer.
Particularly earlier in the morning I would hear them out and about when the temperatures were moderate.
They seemed to sleep in more on the coldest days.
The early daffodils were pretty resilient at first.
Some of them would bow after the moderately cold nights but pop back up.
However, I knew that they wouldn't be able to handle it when the temperatures dropped into the teens F (-7 C) so I made sure to get a lot of shots before the big weather change.
They looked like they were saying, help me I'm freezing.
There was a prayer like attitude they adopted when the frigid air arrived.
I started making ice again in the bird baths, and the birds let me know when they were up and ready for fresh water.
I know the changes must have confused the birds a lot.
It is warming up again this week so we'll see what happens next.
When I was at the JC Raulston arboretum on Saturday, I wandered around the butterfly garden although it will be months before the butterflies are flitting about.
Even without the butterflies it was interesting to walk around that part of the garden.
There was a variety of dormant and over wintered plants.
I'll have to go back and photograph the butterflies this summer.
It's only about fifteen minutes from my house to the RC Raulston arboretum (NCSU) in Raleigh, NC.
It's funny because I've been to the Botanical garden in Chapel Hill, NC at UNC more in recent years than I've been to this closer garden. The reason is when I went to the UNC oncologist, I'd try and spend some time in the botanical garden on my way home from appointments.
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Cezar and Léia said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!I love the birds happy pictures!

jewaicious said...

What lovely and beautiful captures of color and light, wonderfully composed.

I love the cardinals...too sweet in their vibrant red tones and the brown females. Gorgeous flower shots, too.

EG CameraGirl said...

How sad the cold finished off all those beautiful magnolia blossoms. It'll be interesting to see how the daffodils end up!

Cynthia M. said...

GREAT pictures! I wonder if the magnolia trees will bloom again this spring? I would assume not. And I loved the picture of the thrasher in your bird bath - that's not a species we see up here in New England much. Thanks for sharing these!

Sallie ( said...

Oh I'm sorry about the "false spring" I was afraid that would happen. I can't think of anything better after oncologist visits than visiting a peaceful garden. (Late comer to your blog, have picked up just a bit of your 'backstory'))

Leora said...

Oh, dear, too much up and down temperatures. I love your cardinal with his cocked head.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear those poor flowers - hope your spring arrives soon. We are still waiting for summer here in Tasmania. We haven't had many hot summer days at all and more rain and cloud than usual.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh those poor trees and plants. You were right about the early blooms. I wonder what will happen later in the season...It was snowing and now it's raining again...crazy.. Have a wonderful weekend Carver...Michelle

ev said...

I feel close to the place with the way you capture them. They make me feel nostalgic though but i love ur photos. Keep it up!