Friday, September 23, 2011

Photohunters: Yellow

When I saw the theme for this week it was an easy choice for me.
Bill and I got out of the car last Sunday and I realized he was wandering off in the opposite direction from where I thought we were going to walk.
Then when I spotted the yellow car I figured out where he was going. Hard not to admire this particular car.
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Sue said...

What a gorgeous car! Love it :) Happy photo hunt and weekend!

MaR said...

Love it!! what a fab choice for the theme!

LifeRamblings said...

lovely car and i love yellow. happy weekend.

Liz said...

Cool car! Yellow was easy for me too. :)

Have a fabulous weekend.

Liz @ MLC

jams o donnell said...

Now that's a neat looking car... and British too!

Anonymous said...

that's a beauty. thanks for sharing.

ancient one said...

Oh yeah, I really like that yellow car! Beautiful!!

Luna Miranda said...

wow, what a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful car! Yellow cars always seem so happy and cheerful, don't they?

Have a good weekend.

rdl said...


eastcoastlife said...

It is a gorgeous car. I fell in love with it too. I like the colour yellow.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Something about the name Bill? Mine has a way of wandering off too ;>)....but like you after all these years I know where to find him usually.

That's a great car -- I'd have wanted to wander off too actually.