Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tuesday's Flowers: August Ending

The partridge pea is blooming nicely along the paths I walk on.
The shot above is a closeup of the partridge pea and the shot below is a wide one where it looks like little yellow dots along the side.
I can't for the life of me think of the name of the little white flowers below.
Goldenrod is blooming in the woods and in my back yard for that matter but this is from the woods.
The bees and butterflies enjoy goldenrod.
The shot below is lantana growing at my mailbox.
The last shot is one I took out of boredom at a stop light.
Click for the home of today's flowers.


Leora said...

Love the lantana. I've been bored in the car, too! Sometimes one gets unusual car shots.

Hope Irene was a nice guest - in and out?

Laura said...

endings and beginnings flowing into one....beautiful photos!

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful and colorful flowers.

Kim, USA said...

That is gorgeous!!

Blanket flower

NatureFootstep said...

nice coloring on the first one. Love it :)

I hope you and your family is still alright. And Irene going elsewhere.

Jama said...

You certainly have some gorgeous flowers here.

Carletta said...

Your 'boredom' shot is a lovely planting arrangement.

Roan said...

All are excellent! Love the bench shot!

Judy said...

Love the partridge pea, especia;;y the macro! I have not heard of it before, but the blossoms are so detailed, and I love the light shining through the leaflets!!

vincibene said...

Beautiful series! I favorite the peas and the lantana.

Cildemer said...

Gorgeous shots! So many wonderful blooms! Love the lantana and the partridge pea!