Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Flowers: Neighborhood flowers

Saturday morning I walked around my neighborhood to see what was blooming in the neighborhood. We finally got some rain which has helped.
I like the morning glories above covering the mailbox, at least from the back. The front is clear so the mail carrier can slip their mail in.
Through the years I've watched the garden above and below take shape. They have a kitchen garden flush against the side of the house and have added to the border of flowers each year that go around the house. It's more flowers and plants than lawn at this point which I like.
The next house didn't use to have hardly any plants and it's nice to see their flowers growing now.
The landscaping at the next house is a bit too formal for my taste with mostly lawn and manicured plants in pots but I love their stone.
The low stone planter below is the end of a stone wall along their driveway, and the taller one is what their mailbox is housed in. Now if they could just grow some plants that would fit into the stone it would be ideal for me but they aren't asking my opinion. I'm sure when they drive or walk past my house they think it looks like a big old mess which is basically what it is.
There isn't much blooming at the house below, at the moment, but I like the way they've landscaped their yard.
I can't remember what the next mailbox planting looks like when it's flowering but I like the way it's overgrown.
Last is a very fanciful garden and house. Parts of it strikes my funny bone and overall I like the affect. All of the rest of the shots are from the fanciful house and garden.
They have lots of water features and plants. Each side of the house has different types of materials.
I think the reason for the different materials is the man is a contractor and I suspect he uses leftovers from work projects on his house.
The last shot is the mailbox (the back part so you can't see the mail box itself) that goes with the contractor's house.
None of these shots are from my house since I thought I'd show part of my neighborhood for a change. Click for the home of Today's Flowers.


EG CameraGirl said...

It's amazing how a little rain can perk gardens up. Morning glories are in flower already?! Wow!

Cezar and Léia said...

So charming facades, adorable houses and garden, a wonderful neighborhood!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Gorgeous blooms! I love morning glories too!

Today's Flower at my end, hope you can drop by,. Have a blessed Sunday!

Luna Miranda said...

it was a lovely walk through the neighborhood.:p i love the greens, and the beautiful morning glory--they're usually overlooked here.

Carletta said...

I love Morning Glories I inherited from the previous owner. She planted them in the flowerbed and they tend to take over everything so I end up cutting them out.
Your neighborhood looks like a lovely place to live. Thanks for sharing it with us.
I love the fancy place and all it's eclectic additions.

Dave Cawkwell said...

You have a lovely set of gardens near by thanks for the photographic tour. Daves photo views

Rambling Woods said...

I'm with you on the formal look...I like less lawn and more plants and flowers..Interesting to see what different people in this area, everything looks so much alike.. except for the plans I have...

Rajesh said...

Very lovely colorful blooms. said...

your blog is mroe than a´s a story of life...
The style of house is amazing and like the houses here in Sweden.
Love the photos and also the details....
nice day

i beati said...

a greet post the different styles I loved it andy

Self Sagacity said...

Love the photos of your flowers. Nice sight to wake up to in the mornings ;-)